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I freaked my wife out one day, I was driving home, and I mentally teleported to my house, to see what my wife was doing. I saw an image of her sitting in her chair, putting her lipstick on. I texted her and told her that she was putting on makeup, right? Her reply was yes, my God, how did you know that!? When I got home, she told me not to ever do that again! Yes, there is a binaural beat for teleportation. Please look it up on you tube, along with other binaurals. I also "went" to a friend's house mentally teleporting there before. I scared her cat, and saw the inside of her house, and she said I was like 80% correct. Lastly, I took my son to work, and he asked me, how many cars are in the parking lot, and I said that there are three. That's how many cares that were there at his work when we arrived. I want to get better with my e.s.p., too. I went to a museum overseas in England one time, and I walked up the stairs, and at the top of the stairs, I felt this cold chill, and I was wearing a coat, that day, too. There were no windows or doors open at the time. It was a bone chilling cold, that went through my jacket. I predicted the sex of my daughter's baby twice, they were both girls, unfortunately, her first baby was born 2 months early and she was dead when she came out. I have read my cousins and my nieces mind before, thoroughly, back in the eighties, and I would love to be that good, again. I meditate in my quiet place every night. I get revived a little more that way the following day.

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