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Demonic Dream, Dark Entity


I've always had run ins with dark shadowy malignant figures that I always tell to leave, usually in my bedroom. Most the time they feel very violent and angry and wanting to harm (aside from one who felt incredibly sad, but that's another story) I'm 90% certain there is a house near me they spring from either due to the actions of the people who live there or from something in the past in the house or on the land. In addition to that, I sometimes have awful nightmares. Last night, I dreamt very vividly about me in a church (odd because I am not religious these days) in a large group of people (around 70) commanding a spirit to leave as it had inhabited the body of a young man and was destroying these sort of religious books and the walls using three golden hatchets (odd detail I know). Later in the dream I was in a hotel with orange walls, with two friends. We were exploring the roof but before we could reach the roof access, on the top floor, I was suddenly completely overcome with this darkness and I felt myself and my friends being completely taken over by it while I heard a mans unsettling laughter echoing in the hallway. I awoke at 2:20 am feeling disturbed and breathing heavily. I did not sense any entities in my room.

Any real meaning to the dream? Perhaps my mind was simply thinking darker than usual. I'll ask my friends what their dreams were like last night. Maybe it was something more. I'm not sure, but I'm wary of both the locations and the friends in my dream. One friend (not in the dream oddly) recently revealed to me that they try to contact spirits on the usual (in my opinion, they are too inexperienced to know how to protect themselves from the bad, and I've tried to communicate this to them time and again). Perhaps I've picked up some of their energy? But again, perhaps it's all nonsense.

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