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A Demonic Vision?


I have had a couple experiences growing up with psychic experiences. Mainly astral projection and dreams coming true. I have however, never dealt with or experienced anything like I did today. I am not sure what to even classify it as and will try to explain it the best I can. I am asking for help to try to figure out what it might mean or at the very least some place I might be able to get some answers as to what it might be. Well here it goes: Today, while sitting at the doctors office, I suddenly got a wierd feeling and started "seeing" heat wave like lines everywhere around me. After about 15-20 seconds these lines changed. Some of the lines stayed the same but now there were suddenly "dots" moving back and forth between lines and other dots as well. I started to see green "flashes" (each one lasting a few seconds). With each of these "flashes" I saw a picture. First it appeared to be a head of a person I did not recognize. Then with each flash the image shifted a little until it was a head with rams horns. The face then shifted to an evil looking face with rams horns. After this transition the horns started to curl upon the face causing the face to disappear more with each flash and turned into a snake. This snake "lunged," for lack of a better word, at me while hissing and bearing its fangs. After the snake lunged it suddenly disappeared as quickly as it had started. With the disappearence of the images the green flashes stopped as well. Once the flashes stopped and the images were gone the odd feeling I had at first disappeared and I returned to feeling normal.

I have googled possible reasons or explanations for this but have had no such luck. I would like to deperately know what this might be and/or a possible meaning. Any thoughts?

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LadyA (1 stories) (6 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-19)
Had a vision once when I was young of a snake in my bed. It also seemed to try to bite me before it disappeared.
Actually, I can say snakes are actually associated with physicians, but with the rest of the vision, I'm sure this is an appropriate translation.
It could be a sign of coming danger or evil, or that you were allowed to see a danger before it could harm you. Were you perhaps diagnosed that day with sort of illness?
Buttercup116 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-19)
Hi ashsmith23! I am super new to this, and have seen a walking Dinasaur/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle walking down my stairs right behind my husband. I was terrified and felt it in our basement under the stairs. I asked it why it was there and said that it did not have to live under our stairs. Anyway, I asked two psychics what it was, and one of them said to be nice and change the attitude in our home and if that did not work, then send it up to heaven and ask that it be put into jail where the Angels watch over it. The second psychic said that it was my husband, he was living in an ancient world and that I had a true gift. So, based upon what you saw, first, you have a gift. And, maybe either you encountered a weird residual entity that should be sent up, or it is a metaphor of the maybe a patient before you or the doctor you saw. Also, people pick up entities when they walk around. My psychic friend once saw an octopus behind a speaker at a conference and the octopus was pulling people in, unbeknownst to them, they were drawn to the speaker, but did not know why or see the giant octopus. Anyway, your vision probably scared you, a lot. Maybe you can recall during your doctor visit how the nurses and doctors acted toward you and how you felt meeting with them. Also, meditate on this event and see what answers you receive. I truly believe that we are shown things for a reason and that they are not to scare us. I wish you well and hope you find peace with this event ❤

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