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I would like to start out giving a little back story on myself to fully understand what I am saying as well as my questions I still have.

I am not a medium, however I am sensitive / empathetic both with the living & with the other side. As a child I would see spirits on a semi-frequent basis. Normally I saw shadows that would bolt across my parents yard or through the house. I would see a very dark shadow mist in my parents living room & there was a tall shadow man (not necessarily a shadow person, but this is how I perceived him) with heavy boots on the top floor. There was also a farmer I saw in my parents back yard but I feel that he was an imprint as he never reacted with or to me. I have not been able to connect any of the spirits I had seen with anything but the shadow man I saw on the top floor. Growing up with a father as a history geek he collected many historical artifacts & I believe the man is either attached to the WWI German pistol in my parents closet or he may be connected to a WWI German helmet with a clear entrance & exit bullet hole in it.

As I grew older my paranormal sight came to a halt. Around age 13 I stopped seeing them, I still had experiences however, but it was almost like they vanished. That was until two years ago when I was nineteen going on twenty. I saw half of a man from the waist up, but it was like he was cut on an angle. I froze when I saw him as it had been a while since I saw anything & I saw him standing in front of my neighbors light post. I couldn't see through him like every other shadowy spirit I have seen. He reminded me of Santa Clause, as he was built hefty. As we walked with no legs towards the street I watched him vanish.

This main story I am focusing on is not at my parent's house but it is 3 miles away, just barely in the next county over.

A year ago I moved into a Victorian style house with my long time boyfriend of seven years & a long time mutual friend. The house was built in 1883 & unfortunately it hasn't been kept up well. I already knew some history of the property as I have been apart of the Historical Society near by for more than a decade. I started going to the weekly meets when I was just starting middle school & I learned of a nearby unmarked graveyard that actually predates the Revolutionary War.

The Cemetary is known as "The Noble Family Cemetery" & it is located on the hill behind my "new" house. The Noble Family house is a half mile away from my house. Most of the bodies burried there are apart of the Noble Family, however there were an unknown amount of soldiers burried there after a minor Revolutionary Battle known as "the Battle of Crooked Billet." The Cemetary is unmarked because in the early 1800s it was used as a dump. In the late 1870s the dump was moved to a new location. When moving the dump they ended up pulling up all of the headstones, but they never found any human remains.

The battle of Crooked Billet started as a skermish in present day Philadelphia on May 1st, 1778. The British were following three battalions of the Philadelphia/ Cumberland County (present day Bucks County) Malitia. The British out numbered the American Revolutionist's by roughly three hundred & fifty men. In means of loosing the British, General Lacey & his comrades jumped a train heading north. In Montgomery County they were ambushed by the British on the train, bayonetted & burned alive. Those who survived the ambush eventually made their way to present day Lacy Park where the Battle of Crooked Billet ensued. Ultimately the militia retreated as they had not killed a single British soldier & had lost nearly thirty men & many of our men were severely injured or captured.

Before even moving in, when my housemates & I did the first walk through of the house I noticed at least one presence in the home. I got the feeling that someone was watching us, but from afar. The servant courters on the top floor really spoke to me the most. As we made our way up the steps on the top floor I felt as if I was being pulled & pushed from whatever room was to the left. The servant courters are by far the most run down place of my house but the room that has the most energy in it is not the most dilapidated/ creepy looking room. I get a strong sense of fear in that room, not necessarily for myself but I feel fear & fright soaked in the walls. The attack is attached to that room but as soon as I walk through this room & into the attack I get that feeling coming from behind me, so it is just the room itself admitting those feelings.

Ultimately the house was wonderful & we all decided this was the house we wanted to rent, as it is quite big & going for a ridiculous low rate. We were contacted a week later stating we were the landlords first choice & we ultimately said yes.

When we first moved in there was a LOT of cleaning to be done. The kitchen had an awful smell of death in it & my housemate / boyfriend refused to work on that room so I took up the job of cleaning it. I had been washing & cleaning the room for a few hours & the evening was setting. It was roughly 6:30pm & I had been jamming out to my full music list, which at the time was roughly three-thousand songs, most of which I know all or nearly all of the lyrics to.

My boyfriend & housemate were up in my housemates room & since there was no furniture in the house I could hear their echo all the way down in the kitchen. A song I know no lyrics to started to play & I continued to bust out cleaning. The song came to an instrumental section & as I walked to the kitchen table to grab a fresh sponge I heard a man's voice whisper five or six words into my right ear. I could feel the air of his voice so I whipped around to see who was behind me & there was nothing there. I rationalized it was my housemates echo I heard but as the songs singer came back to singing he sung the same five or six words I had just heard & I got a little spooked but continued cleaning until I was done. It was like the spirit knew what the lyrics were before they were sung & I honestly wish I knew what song it was, I only remember the songs vibe was angsty.

I did not fully move into the house until October 1st of 2017 & on my first night I really felt the house come to life. I gave a short tour to my father & my youngest sister & they left just before sunset. Within 10 minutes of them leaving I noticed the front door was shaking quite loudly. I had not heard this on any of the other occasions I stayed there & I assumed it may have been traffic from the four lane highway my house sits in front of. I simply ignored it & went about my business. When my housemate arrived from work around 9pm that night it had abruptly stopped ten minutes or so before he arrived. The next few weeks this continued but only when I was alone.

I noticed the traffic was just as heavy on the nights that my boyfriend or housemate were there with me. After the first few weeks it slowly died down to happening only a few nights I was alone by myself. On one of these nights I decided to take a closer look & I noticed the door knob was turning while the door was shaking. The front door & the back door are both set up like old style doors, where you must turn the upper latch before entering or exiting. I even walked up to the front door & turned on the porch light & looked out the door window while the door was shaking & the knob was turning to see if it was someone trying to mess with me but no one was on the porch or even in front of me for that fact. I still simply ignored it as I did not feel threatened by it & it never posed a threat.

A few days after this discovery I brought my older sister over to see the house. My favorite part of the house was (& still is) the acoustics. Since it is all cherry maple wood with no insulation the reverbs when singing are quite spectacular. As we walked through the house on the tour & made it to the second floor laundry room in the far back, I began to speak when we both heard heavy foot steps walk into the room with us. It sounded like heavy boots & we watched the floor boards outside of the room move as it stopped in the doorway. My older sister was quite spooked & as we walked back down the hallway it was quite drafty in the area where the door steps stopped. My older sister insisted singing songs together in the down stairs main dining room, in the door way that leads to the celebration dining room as this is the best spot for the most reverb. At one point I walked to the back porch to smoke a cigarette & shortly after coming out my older sister ran to me saying "the door is shaking like crazy!" I asked her if it was violent or if it was stern but short lived, as I had noticed when I sung an upbeat nice song it was only slight but when I listened/sung to some songs (for instance one song by Miley Cyrus) it would get violent. She told me it was quite violent & she was very uncomfortable & I asked her what she was singing. She said it was a song by Kannon Wakeshima who is a Japanese artist so I told her not to sing Japanese but sing Chorus music. She listened & the violent shake stopped & died down to nothing.

In early Novemeber I gave my twin sister a virtual tour over an app called "Marco Polo" which is much like Snapchat but the videos are never deleted & there is no video size limit. My youngest sister was with me for this tour & we were the only ones in the house, except for my housemates two cats.

The cats have full run of the house except for the servant courters as there are gaping holes in the walls to one of the rooms & we don't want to have to rescue a cat from inside a wall. As we made it to the second floor laundry room I was spinning around the room speaking as my twin sister was watching it live. At one point while I was speaking my little sister & I heard a loud thud from above us, which is the servant courters. I stood still & stopped speaking & as I was about to speak we heard another loud thud, this one coming clearly through into the recording. It sounded as if someone with a heavy boot just slammed their foot onto the ground.

The following week I finally brought my cat from my parents house to my house. I had waited because I was working 85 hours on average a week between two jobs & I was procrastinating on the dredded house adjustment for her. Being a rescue cat from Olney, Philadelphia she hates change & it took two weeks for her to get use to my parents house which is half the size as my house. On the first night of her arrival she stayed by my side in my room, where I had her quarantined for the adjustment. When I would leave the room, she would hide under a big cushion chair I have in my room & it would take minutes of me coaxing her out with treats to finally come out.

Around 10pm at night I was laying on my bed in my room. My cat was by my side & my boyfriend & housemate were looking at the micro greens they grew in the room next to mine. Out of nowhere a loud slam echoed through the house & I could tell it came from the room above mine in the servant courters. The room that is above mine is the one that is the most dilapidated room of all. I had heard this door slam while I was by myself only a few times & I had checked each time to see if someone was up there, but no one physical was. I heard the door open to the room next to me & close & I heard someone walk down the hallway & someone went downstairs. My cat bolted under the chair in my room & refused to come out for more than ten minutes. A few minutes after the slamming of the door my boyfriend opened our bedroom door & asked me what I knocked down. I told him I didn't knock anything down & if he was referring to the loud bang that it came from the room directly above ours. He & the housemate insisted it was someone knocking on the front or back door but there is no way to get onto the front porch without coming from the inside out or climbing through one of the busted out windows. I asked them if they had checked & they said they did but no one was around.

At this point I was still the only residing resident content with the fact that my house was haunted & both my housemate & boyfriend refused the idea.

Then one afternoon in early January after getting out of work my boyfriend picked me up from my parents house & took me back to our house. He immediately told me I may be right in saying the house is haunted as he had his first experience alone in the house. He said it happened around 4:15pm & that he had just gotten home from work & decided to eat his food up in our bedroom with my cat, as she still to this day hates leaving my room. He was eating when he heard a loud knock, maybe three times. It came from our housemates room which is also next to our room. Our housemate has a deadbolt lock on his bedroom door & it is constantly locked if he isn't home. My boyfriend went to investigate & he found the door was locked & he knew my housemate was not out of work until midnight. As he went to walk back into our room he heard the same three knocks on my housemates door & this really spooked him. He decided to finish his food in the celebration dining room on the first floor as we was no longer comfortable by himself up stairs. He sat down on the couch in the room & put his one foot on the wooden table in front of him, with his other foot resting on a board below the table. My cat was in our room upstairs & my housemates cats were both laying on the couch with him. Shortly after sitting down he said he heard a loud thud & the floor board his one foot was resting on lifted up, as if someone was standing on the other side of it. He froze because he was spooked & he said maybe a few minutes later he felt the floor boards tension release.

I laughed & told him "welcome to the club." Later that night we went to visit his parents as I had just received his mother's Christmas gift I ordered a few weeks before Christmas. As I made my way out of my room I stooped immediately in my tracks. On the second floor landing, between the two staircases below (a servants stair case & main staircade) & the staircase that leads to the second floor I saw a large, shadowy mist standing in front of the window. I could see car lights driving by, but I was looking directly at this large blob for what felt like ten seconds. It was like a ten percent car tint but it was just a free floating blob that took up the space between the floor & the ceiling. When I finally blinked it vanished. I thought nothing of it, telling myself my mind was playing tricks on me since my boyfriend had just told me about his first experiences. I had my boyfriend's mother's gift in my right hand, which was a rechargeable portable battery with a flashlight on it (still in its original case, resembles an iPhone's plastic case it comes in when you first buy it) & I had my purse on my left shoulder. As I made my way through the landing where I had just seen the blob the flashlight turned itself on inside of the unopened case. To turn on/off the flashlight you have to hold the power button for at least three seconds. I immediately stopped dead in my tracks again & just laughed at what I had seen & as I made my way down the servant stair case the flashlight turned itself off.

Shortly after this experience I commented a strange dream regarding my house on a dream forum. In this dream I was with my boyfriend in the servant courters in the room directly above mine. The room, however, was not dilapidated at all but in perfect condition. My housemate was outside of the room looking for something. My boyfriend & I were using a Ouiji board (which I know not to mess with in real life) & I asked the spirit "If you're from the house, knock twice," & in the dream the lights flickered twice. My boyfriend looked at me & being typical him goes "Ha! It didn't knock!"

After posting this with some background on the house & wondering if it was symbolic of waking life trouble or if it was the spirit speaking to me, the admin of the site commented back to ask the spirits to come into my dream again & relay a clearer message. At this point I was unsure of the enegery in the house. I had a strong feeling there were at least two spirits in the house but I couldn't really tell their intentions. A few days prior to this dream my boyfriend & I were getting ready for work when a blue candle flew off a shelf in front of us & shattered in three perfect triangles.

I followed the admins advice & told the spirits I needed some more hints, as I was not catching on to what they were putting out. I took a nap & had a wild dream.

In the dream I awoke in my bedroom with my boyfriend next to me. I wanted to have some frisky fun so I told him to wake up & go to the bathroom. All the lights were off in the room & I went to go to the bathroom but someone was in the bath on the second floor so I had to go down to the powder room on the first floor. The hallway lights were on & as I made my way down the servant staircase the lights on the second floor turned off. I halted & called out to my boyfriend but did not receive an answer. I continued down the stairs case & as I stepped on the first floor the servant staircase light turned off. I was now standing in darkness & I became panicked & ran up the steps. As I made it to the second floor landing the staircase & the wall began to bend violently & I ran into the railing & had to feel my way up in the dark quickly as the hall was still bending. As I made it to my bedroom door & I woke up in my bed, again. I got up & told my boyfriend to wake up & go to the bathroom. As I sat up I remembered doing this before. I took one step to the door & a strong force / wind picked me up a few feet off the ground & threw me back down into the bed. It was so hard to breath & I just started to scream out my boyfriend's name, hoping he could help. Not much noise was coming out & I noticed the room was much darker than it had been. I couldn't move much but I turned to my other side & there I was suspended in blackness. This was much darker than the extremely dark room I had just been in. I remember praying to God that something good had to be there & that is when a shadow with a white silhouette appeared in front of me. He was reaching his hand out & I easily reached back & when our hands touched I just felt this bliss of love & light radiate out of my soul into his. All the sudden I wake up again & tried to get my boyfriend to wake up & go to the bathroom, now for the third time. This time I leaned over & kissed his lips in the darkness of the room. I could tell both our lips were very dry & I asked him to wake up. As I walked to the door & opened it. I saw my boyfriend standing there in the hallway light. He had his towel on & I asked "when did you leave?" & he replied "I was showering the whole time." I turned around to see who I kissed & I finally woke up.

I still don't completely understand the second dream but I do understand there were clearly two different spirits.

Since then much of the activity as died down. We will be moving out soon as the landlord is selling the property to someone who is knocking down the shop behind my house / as well as my house down to build self storage units on. I know they're going to disturb the hill in the back & flatten it out & I worry it may kick up energy of the spirits who rest there. I have told my landlord there is a unmarked graveyard but he didn't take me too serious, as I am pretty young. I also believe he didn't like the sound of it.

Last night I went out on my back porch to have a cigarette & I saw the upper body/head of a man who looked like he was wearing a uniform. It was quite dark but I could make out his curly, wooly dark hair & his pale face. He had a hat on & he had light, gentle eyes. When I blinked he was gone & I thought it may be my eyes playing tricks on me. A few hours later my twin called me & spoke to me about them having to move again due to unruly neighbors. She told me about a house she visited today & she said it was even older than mine. It got me thinking more about the history & I decided to see what more information I could find on my house.

I found a site about finding graves & it had three posted memorials of people burried in the Cemetary behind me. It doesn't list any of the Noble family members but it does have two detailed soldiers burried there & someone listed as "Jon Doe." The one was a SGT & he really spoke to me the most. We both have the same name for our father & his wife was Agnes, the middle name & same name my father's mother went by. It got me thinking, as I had just sung a song a few weeks ago titled "Agnes" in the living room & I kept getting insane chills throughout the song.

One of my main questions is to ask whether or not this soldier I just saw was this SGT but I fear in asking I may disturb him & possibly cause him to be stuck. I don't known much about the other side & I generally try to leave spirits alone. I made it clear when I first moved in I knew something or someone was there & in courteous nature I made sure to introduce myself & gave the whole 'I respect you, please respect me' talk. I do still fear for what may be there as they will be knocking my house down in the next year or so & I guess I am looking for closure for the souls in my house. I am also a little curious about thought on the black blob. I know it was starting at me & in doing research & following my instinct I do question if this may be an actual shadow person or not? I still don't feel safe around it but I also do not fear it. I pray for it often, as well as the other spirit (s) in my home & for those burried out back.

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Any insight on personal thoughts/ experiences similar are greatly appreciated ♡

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