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Old Time Premonitions Reoccurring


This all started in early 2010. I've always been able to remember a vivid dream, but it would be nothing more. However, I began to have these vivid dreams so potent that I could remember it for days, even weeks. These dreams weren't happy dreams, but highly nightmarish. It all started with a parent & I in my very own house, she drinking until drunken point, & she & I would argue until either yelling, crying, &/or fighting. The very first "nightmare" that occurred of this unfolded just around 1-2 weeks afterward. When the dream actually happened, I thought it was just coincidental & was in denial. Not long after, I had another one, with just days of the "nightmare" becoming a reality. A pattern began to emerge with these "nightmares".

In each "nightmare", what this parent wore, her facial expression, her eye movements, the color of her hair, her hairstyle, her body language, her hand gestures, her voice tone & pitch, even her jewelry, were either near the same or exactly the same from in these "dreams" when the events unfolded. The time of day would show rarely, but I'd know if it was morning time, noon, afternoon, evening, night time, or wee hours. The room (s) it/they took place in, any other people around involved, & how they looked, were dressed, expressed themselves, how they talked, & how they reacted also unfolded.

All of this would occur a few times a month working it's way up to a few times every 2 weeks. It eventually got to a few times per week to almost every other night. The more these "nightmares" occurred, the more the evil manifested. By evil, I mean everyone & everything going downhill in my environment. The more evidence I was seeing that my own "dreams" could come true, especially since they were DARK, the more apprehensive I became, more untrusting, more skeptical, & more cynical, just to be proven a valid reason to be.

The latest premonition I remember having in 2010 took place in the month of July. It was only but 3-5 before the event occurred. In this "nightmare", my parent & I were basically yelling, almost screaming at each other, because I was telling her how fed up 'I was with her drinking style' & that 'she was an alcoholic'. I told her how much it was 'ruining my life' & that 'I can't take anymore before I attempt suicide'. After I said that, she looked at me so dead & empty-eyed, & calmly & almost robot-like, said, "Then, you go ahead & do that because I'm sick of hearing it. If you truly want to die, then you'll go & do it. So, go kill yourself."

I don't remember exactly what she was wearing in the "dream", but they were her daily clothes, not PJ's. It was late night going on the wee hours. The lights were off in the house, surrounded by 2-3 night lights, except her bedroom light, which was dimmed. Her bedroom door was 3/4 open. She went to take off, slammed her door shut, & locked it. I was in deep shock, went to my room to cry, then went to her bedroom door, knocked on it to see if she was awake, & attempted to talk to her. She wouldn't wake up, so I winded up attempting to bottle my emotions up while continuing to cry, & went to prepare to head out the house door to take off & leave, preparing to attempt my life. That's when I woke up.

It was literally those 3-5 days later that this VERY same exact event happened, just as exactly as described in the "nightmare". It freaked me out so much, that I did the unthinkable, which was take off & leave. What I did after that I'll leave blank for now.

Starting early Summer of this year, 2015, I had another premonition unfold. The only difference from the dream versus the event was the room in the house it took place in. I also had a premonition last month that also occurred the same, with the same people, time, event, etc., only the beer bottles my parent drank out of had a different shape, but the bottle color & brand was exactly the same.

I have had a recent "nightmare" again just this weekend. From what I've noticed before from in the past, it feels like it was a premonition. I'm in deep fear because there's nothing I've been able to do to stop the event from happening or how to even avoid having premonitions overall. I do NOT want these anymore, no matter what I research & find. I want to completely get rid of them, as it's taken a toll on my life & even almost fully effected my life for the worst, & I feel I'm at that beginning "downward spiral" phase, meaning that I get fearful of the future coming event (s), pull away from those I'm closest to, & emotionally get sick (extremely depressed with crying-spells, intense anxiety, deep hopelessness, apathy-spells, etc.).

Does anyone have any advice or answers on what I should do, especially if there's a way to get rid of these premonitions? All in all, I feel as if these are more a form of Psychic Attacks, but I don't know by who &/or why, especially when these "dreams" involve my parent! Please help. Thanks in advance!

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Mrs_psychic_asia (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-02)
Hi I can help you with this I know what you're dealing with email me mrpsychic201 [at]
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-02)
I agree with AnneV very wise advice.

You have a very wise subconscious.
It is believed what we do in our daily life we visit in the dream scape. In this case it the activity of people around you that you unconsciously sense that is showing you to during dreams.

We do not have control over loved ones life choices all people with large enough family members have dysfunctional loved ones or friends.

For change you can pray or use visualization but unfortunately the choice is theirs.
I know when my step dad wanted to beat my mom she had done nothing. I just stood up to him with a metal bar in my hand and said you better stop. I was only 14 years old. You know he never hit her again. Weird ha. I had to stand up to the dysfunction and I paid a price but came out stronger. Knowing right and wrong.

Remember in a fight there are those who stand and those who run for cover. The ones who run for cover can give excuses. It takes a real person to say hey this is wrong I am not having this. With this tough love you allow people to stop and think and possible amend their life style.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-10-01)
There are layered issues here and I don't think the premonitions are the problem, they just seem like the problem and will remain so until you uncover what this malignant situation is about.

The first issue is allowing your parent (s) to get intoxicated in your home. You have to set boundaries and if they don't respect them, they cannot come to the home. Until you set and stick to this boundary, this drunken "coming true" behavior from your dreams will persist. This is a very difficult position for a "child" of the parent but it's one of life's harder lessons for the child, who is now an adult, to set boundaries with a parent.

When people are intoxicated all of their inner muck comes to the surface and since you're the one right there, you get involved in the drama. With setting boundaries this cannot happen. Even if you have to change your lock or get rid of any alcohol in your home for their visit, you are in control! And if they appear intoxicated when you open the door, tell them they are not welcome until they are sober and close the door.

I do not speak from a lecture chair. I've done all of this myself. We are not hapless victims when we have our own space. If you were twelve and living with your parents this would totally be a different story but you're an adult and by your own words you said this drunken rout incurred "in my very own house".
So that is the first issue; are you strong enough to set tough boundaries with your alcoholic parents?

The second issue is allowing their problem to become your problem. So what if they drink themselves into oblivion? Adults can do as they wish as long as it's legal. They are not your toddlers to care for. When we take on other adult's problems, parents or otherwise, we are setting ourselves up for the very misery you are enduring. Your house is YOUR care. If you set the boundary then they are getting drunk at their home. If they live with you, you must get them out asap. I love the line from a self help book I read that said, "There is God's business and then there is your business. Everyone else is not your business." My own girlfriend put it out there to me she might have an affair on her husband. I didn't lecture her or judge her as it was not my business. My own sister said she just had a seven month affair with a married man with children and there too I said nothing as it's not my business. If my own parents sat at home and polished off a fifth of Jack Daniels a night in their home, so be it. Your home though IS your business and to be taken seriously.

These premonitions will go away when you change what is going on in your life. They are a wake-up call. Not a wake-up call that you have premonitions, but that you have a toxic relationship with your parents that needs to be fixed. And all this bile in your own heart over what they are doing is only hurting you. Even if you created this boundary, evicted them or whatever, you'd still have all this toxicity in your being and you'd still carry it with you, playing it over and over in your mind, seething all the while. That too has to be fixed and that's done by accepting they are alcoholics. I'm not saying condone it, just know they are weak and unevolved but will get there eventually, though probably not in this life time. Can you do that? If not, then you have to look at your own evolution. Can you be weak? Have you been weak?

You probably don't know this but you picked your parent pre birth. We all do. All relationships come to us for various reasons but the ones around conflict are to teach us a lesson whether it be on how to create a boundary, tolerance, acceptance and so forth.

You have every right to have a peaceful home. Take ownership of this. I have had to create boundaries of my own from drunken relatives who were even violent. Guess what? I have no drama in my home, I still see those people when they are sober and they respect me. I don't carry hate for them because that would only hurt me.

These are not psychic attacks. These are pointers that you need to get back control of yourself, create boundaries, even if disengaging from them all together and gaining back the power in your life. It's especially hard with family, I know, but there really is a pearl underneath all of this muck.

Best to you

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