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Made A Mistake?


There are some abilities I've had and developed as I've gotten older. I've had simple premonitions, picked up the phone cause I knew at that instant who was calling and that they needed help, known when something bad was going to happen, etc. But I became aware of my first ability when I was young, 13 or 14. My friend and I were at a concert, and she starts complaining about a headache. Way to ruin the fun, right? Somehow I just KNEW that if I reached out and touched her, she'd be okay. I touched her shoulder and pulled my hand back. Her frown went away, she looked at me and realized what I'd done about the same time I was assaulted with a headache. I'd taken her headache. It didn't last long, only a minute or two, but I took her pain into my body.

It happened again when the same friend had a stomach virus. I had come over to her house (I hardly ever get sick, I wasn't concerned about catching it) and touched her hand when she complained about stomach pain. We'd talked about my ability to take pain away, and I'd done it a few more times to unsuspecting people, always with the same result. After touching her, my stomach started hurting in waves and all of a sudden I had to go throw up. Then I formed another theory. Maybe instead of just taking their pain into me, my body was healing theirs at the price of taking their sickness into me. Sort of like my body accelerated the healing process within itself with whatever I took from other people. I tried my hand at healing once. A boy I knew had self harmed himself. He showed me the fresh cuts while he cried, and I put my hands on them and just imagined pushing energy into him. Within days, the cuts were gone. Cuts that should have scarred and scabbed and taken a week or two to even fade were erased from existence.

Then, I began to feel emotions. I got accused of reading minds, actually. Imagine walking into a store where everything is bagged, you can't see the item, but each item has a tag. If you read the tag, you can figure out what's in the bag. The tags were the emotions attached to thoughts. And just like the store, I could sift and sort through all the tags as I wanted. I could dig into someones mind and find emotions that they carried constantly. Guilt. Shame. Anger. Some strong emotion attached to a strong memory. But the thing was, I didn't know how to STOP feeling emotions. I could concentrate on one person and sift through their emotions, or I could do nothing and be bombarded with people's every whim and thought. Crowded places or rooms made me feel so jittery and jumpy, all kinds of things at once, I couldn't sit still, and I became tired very quickly. I would walk through a store and feel an emotion so dark and depressed that I'd want to run out of there crying. If I was close to a person, I could think of them in my mind and feel their emotions right then. But it became exhausting. I got to where I could feel someone's pain without touching them if I focused. And then it began to happen when I didn't want it to. I'd avoid people so I could have some quiet with just me.

So, I thought it must be like a muscle. Stop using it, it'll become weak and I'll get my quiet time. It's been a month or two since I've tried reading emotions or taking any pain away, since the last time I tried I only took a partial bit of the pain away. I eased them, but they still hurt. And it feels like my batteries are dead. That little part of me feels like it's no longer there, and I'm scared. First, does any of this fit into any sort of category, like 'tips for those who can heal and read emotions' and second, will I ever be able to reawaken my abilities? They came so easily when I was hardly aware of them, now I have to focus super hard to accomplish anything. Any help on fixing the damage I've done?

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-02)
You are in the category of healing.

In Some traditions they refer to this as a sucking doctor. But your an instrument.

As each healer is different and you grow you may find the ability comes from an alignment with a healer guide. I have a few and they have done some amazing things I have never read about.

Sometimes it also has to do with our own evolving. The more we think and act positively with the highest good of the group. The more our own vibrations raise. So we become a vessel that can channel higher energy.

Some of the disciple can be meditation and contemplation disciples like exercise or philosophy. All of these affects the energy center pathways to open and close plus clear any dense energy so that we again rebalance and disconnect from the healing.

Being a healer is a difficult path.
You become a Priest a confident and a knower of the dark places of the human soul. Sometimes it can be rewarding sometimes no thanks and a few times your a witch. Its all normal.
Audrey552 (17 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-01)
Hi, Baryll:

Don't be scared of losing your abilities. That is a unique part of your soul, your spirituality, and that cannot be erased from you.

You were accurate in describing your ability like a muscle, though. The more you exercise yourself spiritually, especially with a specific intent such as healing, you get better and stronger each time. Your horizons expand. Particularly in spirituality, the ability expands to include another ability entirely; in your case, it expanded to full empathy. That is the beauty of progression, because as you live in the truth and set out to use your abilities for a specific purpose, you find that, over time, you can do more and more.

To clarify, you did no damage to yourself. Sticking with the muscle-exercise metaphor, you used to go to the gym and work out everyday. You stop going for a few months. When you decide to go back, you're surprised to find that the workout routine that used to be easy is now harder. Same principle.

So I assume that you stopped "working out" in order to avoid the chaos of others? Correct me if I'm wrong. This is a common issue that sensitives and empaths have to deal with: not just their own problems, but also the problems and burdens of the people around them. Living like this can be very hectic, chaotic, and bring a lot of unnecessary turmoil into your life. Advancing these abilities means you also must learn to discipline them, bring them into focus. There are ways that you can focus your abilities and instead of taking the pain of others from them, you can heal them completely with no harm to yourself.

I must say that it is very admirable of you to help people even though it meant taking on their pain. Did you have any further purpose in mind for developing these abilities?

Warm regards,

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