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I Made A Helicopter Land Once With My Mind And Other Stories


Things have moved and happened because I've wanted it to. Or at least it seemed that way.

When I was a child I was lying in bed one night looking at my light that hung from the ceiling. It was like one of those orange shop lights people hang on their cars when they do engine work. I didn't have wiring in my room at the time so I had basically a long extension cord with a lightbulb on the end hanging. Well I was very relaxed as I was about to fall asleep and I imagined it swinging back and forth. I imagined it gaining force. I went from imagining it swinging to wanting it to. Then from wanting to believing this would happen. Then from believing to knowing it would happen. Once I knew for a fact it would do this it began to swing back and forth gaining in speed and force. I wasn't scared at all. I sat up as it began to get closer to my ceiling with each pass. I got up calmly walked over and grabbed it so it wouldn't break and I'd have to clean up broken glass from the light bulb. Once stopped I went back to bed and told my brother the next day who didn't believe me. I believe this was about the 3rd grade.

Another time I was a friend's house. Around the 4th grade I think. We were laying in the back yard looking at the stars one summer night. I began to imagine a star falling in a particular location in the sky. My idea became a want then belief and then a fact. Then suddenly a big huge shooting star fell at the same location to the same length and brightness that I thought of. My friend saw it too. When I came home the next day my younger sister commented on this bright shooting star the night before and pointed to the same section of sky that mine was in.

In the same time as these two stories there was a helicopter flying overhead by my parents' home. They live on a farm and we had lots of fields. I REALLY wanted that helicopter to land in our field. I thought it would be cool in my grade schooler mind. So I imagined it doing so as it was coming by. It was difficult to keep focus but eventually it got lower and lower and landed. My dad went out there to see if everything was alright. They said they had "engine trouble and had to land." Not long after they could fly again and left. It was a white helicopter and it landed in our south field by a road. It was evening and overcast out.

One time I was outside in my parents driveway. I was looking up at the clouds. I was imagining them swirling. I KNEW they would and then they did. They started to go faster and faster and more and more of the sky was getting consumed in the swirl. I stopped and broke it off because I didn't want it to take up a large portion of the sky. I was like hmm, weird. Went inside and forgot about it for a long time.

Then nothing happened for a long time that I immediately recall. But when I was a teenager I was leaving the bathroom and reached for the round brass door handle and as I was about to grab it moved on its own as if I had grabbed it. Like a very strong wiggle as if someone was about to open it. I recall my thoughts were completely focused on opening the door right before I did that. And no one was on the other side or even around. No windows were open and nothing was shaking the house to cause that.

Over time I've also looked at hairs and imagined their crinkly forms suddenly going straight. And they did and then snapped back to normal. This has happened 3 times. I've tried the same with dead plant roots that I was cleaning off a cold wet pot. The root did not move but when I touched it it was warm to the touch when the rest of the roots were cold and damp.

I've also had experience blurting out stuff that people were thinking about. Like one day as an early teenager my mom was washing dishes and I blurted out "But you got to have friends." Like the song and she turned around and said "Why would you say that?" I thought I was in trouble or something she was very serious. I said "I don't know it just popped in my mind." She said "I was just thinking I don't have any friends." Or another time this was just last year in 2015 at a restaurant with a friend I out of the blue just started singing "It's the Final Count Down." With all its glory and the guy behind the counter came up to us and said he was just thinking that song. Or another time as a child my sister and I were going to have a foot race. I was to shout go to start it. But I wanted to cheat so I didn't say go right away to catch her off guard. Well I shouted "GO!" in my mind with all my force a brain could muster and suddenly she started running after I thought that. I asked her why she ran just then and she said "I don't know." And finally this last one is kind of funny and almost got me in trouble. It was in high school for my sophomore English class. My teacher had all of us in a half circle and was doing an oral test on some of the material we read. She kept giving all the easy questions to the really smart students (but we all were it was honors English). I was getting a little indignant. I thought "she keeps giving all the smart students the easy ones." None of the students looked up or around like they would if someone spoke. You know like you naturally look when someone talks. Well my teacher looked up. She looked annoyed and looked in the general area between me and this other guy and said out loud "I'm picking the questions at random."

And other stuff has happened like I'll grab my phone and then get a text. With some people it happens more. Same with calls and even when I need to check the oven I'll check in when its about to beep even with no clocks around for me to subconsciously look at and know what time it is. And there's other small I may have moved objects stories too.

Now I pray a lot for people, mostly for their safety. I feel that I can feel when other people are in emotional pain and pray for them because God cares deeply for all human beings and wants to share joy and love with them.

I feel that maybe I was given a gift of prayer and faith that can cause changes and I try to help people with it by focusing in a positive way.

I have some other stories of hauntings and evil things trying to oppress me or get in my head but I always call on Jesus. I'm not trying to shove religion down anyone's throat. He's my safe point. He helps me without asking for anything in return and saved me from those bad spirits. One time I was oppressed by what I think may have been a demon. In my heart I told God I would follow him and do what he asked because he is good and simply wants to share his love with people and I would like to partake in that. Then I started getting spiritually attacked immediately after by the enemy of God. A couple days later a dizziness tried to come on me but I resisted it. Then not long after a day or so later it came again but stronger. It was sudden when it came. I went from a normal person to quickly walking like a drunk person in seconds. I began to stagger as it took hold of me. I grabbed for the wall to steady myself. The walls literally were slanting sideways. My world was spinning. It was all I could do to stagger to my room and lay on the floor. I couldn't even lift my head. All I could do was lay on the ground helpless. But I prayed to Jesus and it left. That was the only time in my life I have ever had that experience. So I know I can trust Jesus. I know if I have a gift I can focus in a positive way in prayer and that I have a spiritual protector.

But I know there is a lot I don't know. And I want people to tell me their thoughts, I want to learn.

I came on here and I read some comments about creating a positive energy bubble around one's self for protection. I was like HEY I do that! Ever since I was a kid but I didn't know that's what it was but I do that. So that was really exciting to read about on here and helpful. One particular time I did this. I thought something evil (spiritually dark, like a little black hole, sinister) was by the corner of my bed on the left side. So I imagined a golden bubble leaving me and surrounding my body. It was thick and solid. When the expansion of the bubble came into contact with the dark thing I heard a loud slap/loud bang in real life. In the air exactly where I thought contact happened with the evil entity. And then I felt it was gone because it couldn't bother me anymore that night. That was weird.

I am hoping someone can maybe tell me more things I should know based on my stories. Helpful tips. Things I should know about moving objects with my mind. Maybe where I can go to learn the basics behind all these stories.

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