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My name is Kim, I recently moved to a town three and a half hours away from the town I attended most of my schooling. I was always very outgoing in school, athletic, a friend to all. I try to keep up with my old classmates on Facebook seeing as how I haven't seen any of them in years. I have always, since I can remember been able to hear, feel, and see things other people can't. Of course I was scared to begin with but now I would be lost without the visits, or in some cases, the permanent residence of the spirits that are with me every day.

I have many stories to tell but this one was very touching to me.

My future husband had an out of town job which left me at home alone for two weeks at a time so you can imagine, if you are in tuned to the spirit world, how exhausting it can get.

As I felt myself drifting off to sleep, as I laid on the couch, fighting to finish the movie I had started three times now and still not able to see the ending, but I was just too exhausted. I'm not sure how long I had been dozed off when I was woke by a soft voice, though I couldn't make out the words. So I tried drowning it out as I had to learn to do with some that just won't take no for an answer. I tossed and turned and tried to fall back into a deep sleep but this wasn't going to happen. At least not until I gave this spirit my undivided attention. So I sat up, still unaware of his needs, before I knew it I was holding a pen and paper in my lap writing random words that played over and over in my head.

To my surprise, still feeling aggravated, needing to get some sleep, I found myself waking up, not knowing how long I had been asleep, I glanced to the floor where the tablet I had remembered writing in was laying. As I tried to put the jumbled words together to make any sense, the frustration was between the faint man's voice and the fact that this made no sense at all. I laid the tablet down and took a break to clear my head. When I came back to the tablet, the voice I heard in the early morning hours was coming back through a little more clear and before I knew it the words were fitting together. I began to read the jumbled words now full sentences and turning into one of the most beautiful poems I had ever read.

I sat it to the side and decided to get on Facebook to see what was going on in the social media world. As I scrolled through I was shocked to see that an old friend of mine that had just gotten married to another friend, less than a year ago, had passed away.

I felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I hadn't seen nor spoke to either one of them in years now. That voice I could barely hear, oh you guessed it, was screaming through my head Loud and clear. It was him, it was my friends husband and my long time friend. But why me? Why would he come to me and what was I supposed to do with this poem written like a professional but so heart touching I cried every time I read it.

I debated and the longer I waited the louder he got until I sat down and typed it out on my computer. I scrolled down to my friends page and hit message. Fumbling with the words to explain to my friend that her recently passed husband had came to me after his passing and wanted me to give her this poem. What would she think of me? Would I make her grieving even harder? But he was just as I remember in school, very persistent. So with that I sent respects and proceeded to explain my gift and told her that I believed this was for her and I typed out the poem and hit send. I sat holding my breath as I watched the little bubble that let's you know they are typing back, waiting to hear her response, my emotions were running wild. When I looked back at the screen, her response was there. Relieved isn't the word for what I was feeling right now, I gasp as the tears rolled down my cheeks as I read her words, "oh Kim you are his angel on earth" nobody could have written those words to me but my Eddie, she said. This was his last poem to me. He wrote me poems all the time and this was his way of saying he's always with me." I was speechless as we messaged for a good hour. As we ended the conversation both of us still wheeping, she said to me how much she appreciated me sharing this with her that it was the hardest thing she ever had to do was bury the love of her life but that she had a sense of comfort knowing he was looking down on her.

As I sat that evening after yet again another exhausting experience, I had a sense of peace come over me. I began to realize that what others may call a curse was the greatest gift and could be just as rewarding as exhausting. I haven't held back or second guessed since that day.

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TheresaGargano (4 stories) (16 posts)
6 years ago (2016-08-25)
All my life I've had dreams, divine interventions, and Déjà vu's but this one went the long haul. Over this past summer, June of 2015 more specifically, I was being taunted by June bugs here in San Diego, California. The fact that I'm deathly afraid of these critters is only one reason for me to take notice of their presence when I'm outside reading a good book, but for them to enter my dreams after I've dodged them all day was ridiculous. These dreams, and the bugs themselves, continued to haunt me throughout June and well into the month of July. Surprisingly, James Robert (Radio) Kennedy, from the Movie "Radio", entered the next dream sobbing just like the part where his mother died but holding a picture of a man, however, I couldn't make out who it was. I've probably watched that beautiful and emotional movie 100 times and can appreciate it even more from raising an autistic son; but the next dream I had Radio appeared to be having a heart attack and that's what pushed me to search the Internet for more information about him. I was saddened when I actually found an obituary that told of his older brother, Walter, passing. Goosebumps and curiosity drove me to making a call to T.L. Hanna High School. I told my story to the lovely woman who answered the phone and asked if she wouldn't mind forwarding my concerns for Radio's family to Coach Jones. She did and the very next day my call was returned. Not only did he return my call but he had a bit of news about Radio's older brother that he thought I would be most interested in. It turns out that Radio had two brothers and the Coach was getting ready to attend a birthday party for the younger one who goes by the name "Cool Rock Kennedy". The synchronicity in this story was the fact that his older brother went by the name "Walter June-bug Kennedy" hence June bug...Wow! We talked for a good hour about all their lives since the movie and then he invited me to attend a game with his family and Radio's if ever I meandered towards Hanna in Anderson, South Carolina. Ironically, my niece had just visited us that same July from Prosperity SC, about two hours away from Anderson, before I made the call. She had always wanted me to revisit this part of the country where I spent time growing up at when I was just 15. I'm a basketball fan so when February, 2016 rolled around I scraped up the money and away I went. My niece, her two girls and I met up with Coach Jones, Radio, and his younger brother Cool Rock at a T.L. Hanna High School basketball game. There he was big as life; just like the movie. It appears that not much has changed for Radio. He's now 69 and checks in with the school nurse every morning for his health issues, exercises in the gym while kids practice, and is still welcomed in the 11th grade. On the other hand, Coach Jones is retired from coaching and teaching but has acquired a position on the Special Education Board. I finally decided to bring up the subject of Walter's spirit visiting me to Radio and he simply responded with, "Mama's in Heaven, Walter's in Heaven and Radio's going to Heaven when he dies to be with them." Then he remarked that he cried at the part in the movie where his mother died just like everyone else. It was even more moving when he said, "When I die everyone at Hanna is going to miss Radio!" I for one agree and can't tell you how overwhelmed I am with what Coach Jones did for their family, Hanna and the City of Anderson. Did Walter send the June bugs and the dreams? Hmmm! I'm also writing a children's book series that takes place in Prosperity, SC and needed to visit for its completion. Ironically, I had been procrastinating and I think Walter gave me the kick in the pants I needed by wanting me to check up on his brothers at the same time. After my visit I now feel I have everything I need for its success. I believe what's meant to be is meant to be; so I made it a habit of saying this to my kids when these kinds of things happened, "Coincidence is once in a while; but everyday is on purpose!" After reading your story I don't feel like I'm a crazy lune anymore. Thanks
lauterb (110 posts)
6 years ago (2016-08-24)
Dear Kimmied1105

Congratulations your psychographic mediumship arrived!

I also do psychography since my 20s, among the various types of mediumship is the most far-reaching as it is perennial.

A deceased Brazilian medium wrote more than 460 books during his life devoted all to do good for other people, a true example of life! His name Francisco Candido Xavier or Chico Xavier.

I attended some years ago of a group that was willing to receive news of relatives who had already left. For most of those who got messages always was a comfort, a true gift!

Unfortunately, "the phone" only rings in one direction, from there to here and never from here to there. Only few are blessed and receive an s-mail (spiritual mail), some must wait some time others will never receive...

During our mediumship meetings after the day's theme of study I receive a message related to the subject studied, always giving a new approach, sometimes I get a poem, sometimes I get messages of comfort and encouragement to work for good.

From what you told, you are a mechanical medium, which makes sense in the beginning. Today sometimes, I am semi mechanical and other times 100% intuitive. Depends on who "sending" the message.

There is already more than 150 years a science / philosophy / religion that thoroughly studied the spiritual phenomena, communication with spirits, visions, apparitions, relationship with spirits, written communications (such as ours) etc.

All you reported is not new and has already been described and studied in the following books:
Good study!
Universeteachings (guest)
6 years ago (2016-08-23)
At times like this do a daily meditation- and once you see an unexpected sight of him or expected. Talk to him through a vision.
Any questions contact through email.
Boson (179 posts)
6 years ago (2016-08-16)
Hi Kim,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I don't know if you had any particular question other that why you were the chosen one for this spiritual communication. I would say it was because if a spirit wants to make contact he/she will find a way. By that I mean finding a person who has the ability to be a receiver of messages from the other side.


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