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My Presence Affects Other People


I really don't know where to start as I believe a little background of surreal moments happening to me before current issue might be helpful but, I do not want to make it too long to be boring. Thus, I will start with the current unexplained situation I am at and then add a little bit of history.

Also be noted, I already found multiple topics online regarding this situation by people but, no solution or dismissed by others.

For the past few months and it increased now massively, wherever I go in public most people instantly get irritated by the following actions that they do:

- Coughing / Clear throat. (most dominant 100% every single day)

- Shake legs while seated. (like they are super nervous)

- Sneeze / Touch their forehead for a second / Scratch their heads, arms, or eyes / Stare

In the beginning it was only shaking legs and wiping eye / forehead. I didn't mind it at all as I thought perhaps due to my meditation practices, the demons in them might be bothered by the light surrounding me. (This is likely not the case but, at least made me accept it). But when it gradually increased to flat out coughs and irritated faces in a larger scale, it started making me feel as if I am a walking plaque.

Those might seem a lot of reactions but, this is happening daily and I intentionally go to public places (countless places) just to analyze. They get repeated again and again. And no, it is not odor related or something like that as it happens through distance and through glass. I am a super clean 31 years old guy and this started happening few months ago.

I took a couple of recordings for myself just to confirm its real and not in my head / hallucination. It's where I wished it was in my head, but unfortunately not. I am intending to take proper video recordings but I don't know how to do it without being unethical and not look like a creep. If someone can suggest a glasses with a camera in it, it might do the work.

The most horrible experience when I went to the movies and over 15 people or more spread-out started coughing throughout the movie. I just traveled to two countries, and same happens. Inside the four airplanes and in public. Heck, every single passport control officer I encountered coughed. I can go forever... It is daily. While it should be relieving that not everyone is coughing, but it is very easy for me to detect that majority around me are irritated in a way or another.

The most mysterious part is, no one mentions anything regarding the coughs to each other when moments it is chained and super obvious there was something wrong in the environment at least. If I were to describe it, its like they know because many of them look at me with an irritated face after the coughs and from distance! And this is why explains why I would like to record it but In the same time, it feels pointless.

Why do I feel it's pointless? I can't even explain it as I saw stranger things in this life or matrix the past 1.5 year heh. For example, I like to call it people who "break their cover". They hint about something related and then deny it or change the subject like it never happened when encountered. It feels like they can't talk about it but I should understand through hints. This is a whole different topic and is impossible to visit at this moment due to lack of proofs. Are they aware of the moment or is there a higher entity in all of us that dictates our actions/thoughts? The possibilities are endless. I don't want to connect things together at this moment to avoid confusion and perhaps later on disclose of the things I experienced.

I would like to focus on the main topic at this moment as it seems its happening to others and the fact I don't have to do anything for it to occur, which is super annoying specially to a person like me who truly just found happiness by meditating around nature and loving everyone only to feel otherwise.

NOTE: Things started to turn from magically good to ugly when I started meditating in public. I heard that it is dangerous to do so but never understood why. (stopped doing this).

If anyone has anything to add, I would be thankful.

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Alex_777 (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-01)
I truly feel there is some kind of demonic attachment. Sometimes I feel dark and evil in thoughts and I quickly erase those thoughts but then I ask myself how the hell did I even think this way? I look into myself in the mirror and I know it doesn't feel like me.

Heck, the topics regarding jin and possessions have increased around different kind of people I bump into. Its like a message I need to understand.

If there is anyone trusted that I can contact, I would be grateful.
Newbeginning (17 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-06)
Sounds like you have a demonic attachment hment. You need deliverance. Same things happened to me.

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