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This Scared Me And Others Present


Any input as to what exactly this was would be appreciated! So, In 1996 I had just come back from a long stint in s american prison. I was suffering from ptsd and being back in america was just in shock. Anywho, I was staying with my dad in suburbia Chicago and hanging out with my best bud from high school. I said jeez I need some weed. So we go to a friends of his house. Now here starts the freaky part. We pull up. Nice mount. Prospect suburbia brick house. Middle class, clean suburbia. The friend of my friend opens the side door which leads to a basement. I've never been there before in my life. Never. Don't know the guy just now saying hi going in the door. But he is standing there holding the door open for us to go in and I just stop short. A had a heavy feeling as I stood there. So I was reluctant and just that heavy heavy numbing feeling walking down the stairs to the basement. By the time I got to the the bottom of the stairs in a trance like kind of state I just turned and pointed and said there's something behind that wall. People were like, what? I just kept repeating it. And the guy who was the friend who lived there said omg yes she's right. And explained the guy that lived there before made a fake room for his guns. And spun the wall around to reveal a red lit wall. It scared the heck out of me and everyone present. Then we went upstairs and I saw something else in the house and I had to go outside in the front yard. Of course we had to leave. So embarrassed. What was that? I will list other times where it's been so exact so spot on it's just scary. Please help me summarize what that experience was exactly. Thank u. I'm curious to know more. Oh yes and I had smoked weed in quite some time use no other drugs do not. Drink etc and was in no way under the influence of anything when this happened.

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taylorms_ (1 stories) (6 posts)
6 years ago (2018-12-29)
Normally and almost every time something like that happens, you are being talked to. There's usually something the spirit or demon wants you to know. You can either choose to listen or ignore it. Are you wanting to get better with the skills you already possess or get rid of them? Chances are it was trying to show you something.

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