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These occurrences have happened since around the time of an LSD trip. So, my journey has began since I was out of the womb aha. I was sensitive since then playing tackle football and during practice I would never hit anyone and I would let them bumble me but never feel a thing during practice nor give a rats butt on the matter of the fact that I didn't even attempt to tackle my team-mates. Due to my high self awareness

I would have to say due to around the same time I and my social pyramid (not real) and my awareness of alcohol and THC and video games and social media, I had a upmost blast dopamine, GABA, and serotonin receptors firing off as a kid with no awareness of why I went form most egoistical top of the line, outgoing, kid. To becoming the most introverted extrovert with such intensely strong levels of not only magickian aspects of life but also imagination control in terms of Extremely strong imagination as well as manifestation powers, photographic memory, just about any ESP exposure you Humans have become aware in addition to many more abilities but all including the simplest (telepathy, Clairvoyance., etc.) but all seem to be uncontrollable due to my Obsession with not only food but any material thing I become attached to becomes almost a part of me and if I don't have it its almost like I feel like I can\'t be enlightened.

I know that this might be all over the place but I seriously am going through intensive slightly what western physicians refer to thought disorder thinking and slightly paranoid scizo. Actually extremely Paranoid, slightly scizo but in an interesting way as that the songs playing in my head have meanings to what I'm currently going through (reference thought) I know have most of the time lower vibrational entities attached to the which I assume then invocates them into my heads due to the fact that I can channel the artists voice from the song, the authentic beat/treble/bass line/etc. Along w the lyrics causes the spell to occur in my head but all happening uncontrollably.

I constantly am in multiple dimensions at once, (think of when you go into a medium disassociation state where your sort of zoned out but see the physical realm but in terms of energy but you have this expectation feeling that you need to stay in the physical whilst medium stated, but your not only medium stated, you're in the astral, etheric, emotional, and physical and possibly more dimensions all at once. My personal psychic medium who is very aware but also aware of the more balanced side of mediumship told me that during this full moon/winter solstice, that she was in 7 different dimensions at once and the universe was showing here what its like to be in all those diff. Places at once so that she could understand what its like for me to be in those states that I'm naturally in but not in control of. Its almost like constant dissociation and or depersonalization. The huge problem is I'm in a thought loop from LSD where I'm constantly defending myself from demonic entities, but also every time I'm with my personal psychic medium I feel like I'm just telling her what she wants to hear so that I can feel good or for some ulterior motive.

Even when I know that my "ulterior" motive is completely unachievable to their current mindset. It tries anyway and it has some dumb logical explanation as of to why it thinks that way. And anytime I try to explain why its LOGICALLY wrong, my dog (which is the #1 being I think is the demonic entity) will say something through me to logically prove it right and then it just turns into some never ending logical battle of your not right or you are. The thing is I know this is all associated with and "informational ego" but once I took a good dose of LSD With THC I realized that everything that I obtain from all senses Happens to be info it made it to where now everything I hear, seems to be some slightly egotistically informationally/intuitively egoistically altered version of what's reality and its not actually what my authentic self perceives ad not only a from of emotional truth, which dissociated a while ago (10 years old to be precise) but also an intuitive truth (etheric reality/mediumship distrust which caused delusion in a sense where if someone didn't want to be honest with their emotion, instead of trusting my intuition, I trusted what they said wasn't what I felt about their emotion which caused a conflict w my intuition and has ever since around a year. I hope this was at least slightly comprehensive if not then I hope there's at least one person out there with help. The most love and light put out to all you that I can even maybe that's just me trying to manipulate you to try to induce dark states of mind? Shoot, I don't know anymore but Thank you for reading anyway. Muchc love Pz send me Email

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