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This has happened to me about 4 or 5 times in the last 3 months and I have been trying to figure out what exactly I have been experiencing. I am in my early adult years and have had very little experience with the psychic and paranormal world, other than a life-long general interest in the matter.

The thing I experienced is some sort of vision, but it's not like the visions I have seen described by others on the internet (eg; in the mind's eye, when your eyes are closed, sensing the vision). It happened while I was going to bed. I like to sleep in complete darkness and there\'s usually a bit of street light coming in from under my curtain, so I always put the covers completely over my head-so its pitch black. As I am falling asleep I zone out, and all of a sudden images appear. Then I realize my eyes are actually completely wide open and I'm physically watching the images as if I was watching them on a tv screen. They are fully vivid and have been either one solid colour (watery blue) or in full colour. For the most part the visions are very "flowy", and it actually sometimes feels like the vision was made out of water. And they are usually very nature-inspired.

As I said, the images constantly flow from one to the next, giving me only a second to see each image before it changes. For example... The water-like medium would flow to take the form of a mountain, then it would turn into a bird, then a forest, then a family walking to have a picnic in the forest, then it would become a whale, then it would become a koi fish and swim by/leave my view, then it would soar back into view as an eagle, etc. Each image was moving, flowing, and merging into something new continuously.

I don't know if these images are trying to tell me something. Although they do freak me out cause they seem to randomly pop up out of nowhere when I'm least expecting them, I haven't been afraid of them until the most recent time it happened, and usually I feel more awe and curiosity over them.

The most recent started as a dark robed figure (I didn't see its head but I noticed it had long black sleeves, and it was pointing sideways-it reminded me of the grim reaper), then in the direction it was pointing a single light appeared through the black. In the light there was a face of a scary clown. And that part (revealing the clown face in a small diamond of light) repeated over and over and over. And I'm not typically afraid of clowns. When I get scared or uneasy feelings like this I usually do some protective visualizations. And that night I kept on redoing and redoing them, but every time I stopped or wasn't super focusing and actively visualizing my protective light, the scary clown came back or I felt like there was a dark, scary creatures in my room. I couldn't push them away and actually had to call for my mom it scared me so much.

It's been a few days since this happened and I haven't felt anything scary, or even paranormal, since.

The only other instant where I saw something paranormal happened last year. I was bringing my dishes into the kitchen of my mom's house and from the corner of my eye I saw a stranger in the house. I saw him so vividly that I screamed and almost dropped my dishes. But sure enough there wasn't anyone there. This man I saw was moderately young, had chin length messy brown bed-head hair, a wrinkled half-buttoned white collar shirt. He was leaning against his elbows on the counter with his legs crossed; he had a lazy bachelor feel and was kind of smirking at me. But I only saw him that one time and haven\'t seen any other ghosts or paranormal things (other than the visions described above).

I don't know anyone who would be able to explain what all this is to me, and as much as I've googled I haven't been able to find a perfect explanation. Ever since I was a kid I have been interested in the psychic world, so if this a gift I could work on, I would love to figure out what I'm experiencing and how I can use it to better the world/help others. I also could use some advice on how to protect myself when I can't seem to push away the dark scary stuff.

Any advice or explanations would be greatly appreciated.

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Feelingjaded (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-21)
Hi, yes this has only happened to me twice, the first time leaving me completely transfixed and fascinated. I was home alone in my room, when I suddenly saw what appeared to be very REAL and moving footage of men on horses riding along and battling each other, it was very much a movie scene from like the Roman Days of TROY, however clear and very FAST Paced. I must admit, I've never mentioned it to anyone, as until recently I guess a part of me still believed that maybe I was just imagining it, but Today out of nowhere, many years later, I've had a fewshort, but animated 2 minutes happen to me once again, And, this time it's left me deciding that it must be some sort of very special powerexperience, although I also don't have the wisdom to know why. And would love some insight. I'm a true scorpio, so my life has always been heavily defined by the occult and weird, if not scary and elusive side of life, but know I'm thirsty for knowledge about absolutely anything UNUSUAL AND INTUITION ENHANCING, THANKS GUYS
Klarlak (2 stories) (13 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-05)
I see that we have quite similar experience. If you're interested please read my post, there might be some closure from people who answered my question
Matlhodi (5 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-05)
Yes visions with my eyes open:I remember it was 26December of that particular year, was coming from my house when at the gate a viice told me to take a certain route, denied to take that way as I felt it's a long way and as I'm using taxis it's far from where I'm going to board one and ended up taking my short way. Got off from where I'm supposed to connect but these time it's a walking distant.
On these day was going to my mums place because it's my sisters birthday and normally she celebrates the day by having braids with most of her friend. I was going to help cook for the day of her special day.
I'm now walking to my mums place just just got off from my taxi, while walking to some bridge a movie start playing on my head I see myself on the same road and it's during the day, in the back distance I see these guy standing up as if he's being hiding down on some grass so that he can not be seen by people going in or out of the taxis.
Suddenly these guy is walking towards me at my back but making sure I do not see him or hear his foot steps. He gets to me and points a gun at me on my left side at the back and then I started praying to why am I thinking all these and just at that moment a gun was pointed to me and then he told me not to look at him, he robbed me of my hand back and then told me to not look back,I'm so scared of everything that's happening and then these guy whose robbing me came on to my face like he is looking for something, now he is looking at me face to face,
I realized I know him from my location, he is always hanging around on some street corners close to my mums place, remember all these time he is pointing a gun on my back just at my waist, these guy after realizing he was on my face just turned and told me not to look back and I should run.
I'm sweating so much because of fear, I couldn't move just froze there eventually I see people a head of me and started moving slowly. I was warned but did not listen because I thought it is just me thinking, to end my long story, after three days my neighbour received a call from a strange man telling her she found a bag somewhere and that is how she found her numbers in that bag. My question is how can I always be alert or know when I'm being spoken too by the unknown forces because in most times I'm being warned but it take a while before I realize
taylorms_ (1 stories) (6 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-30)
Email me. I'll help you out with similar experiences. Taylormsisk2 [at]

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