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Knowinf Your Future Life And Others


I have had dreams about my future life since I was a kid, But I never could remember them until the event happens. I was married to my soulmate for 37 years until she passed away in March. Both of us studied Wicca and are Elemental witches. We are also healers, I can give energy to help people heal and my wife could take their pain away. Since her passing I can now see the future events of my life and those connected to me more clearly. Some times I can change the not so good events and somtimes not. It is getting to a point that I can not only see the future events but all the possibilities the out come would happen. The knowledge is very overwelming and somtimes too much. I learned how to meditate but it is not enough. I have no family members I could talk to. I am adopted and do not know any blood relatives. I did the 23 and me test and my relatives are from Ireland and England. My direct ancestor was a Northern Ireland king according to my dna. I need help in dealing with this gift and sometime trouble. It is getting to be a lot to handle. Has any one is going through similar abilities? I need to talk to people who understand this pyschic events, I live in Alaska and am very connected to the land. I have ravens as spirit animals. My Wicca belief is Celtic and believe in the god and goddesess. I would like to hear similar stories and how you handled them. Does any one believe that some events in life are fixed and cannot be changed no mater how you try to. Please help and thank you for reading this post.

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