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Unsure Of Abilities


I have always been drawn to the paranormal. At 7 I was making pretend psychic predictions on the playground. At 12 I was on the streets of Charleston for a ghost walk. The pull only progressed from there. As I got older, I noticed that I did not quite fit in and preferred to be alone. I started to develop what I believed to be anxiety and strange anxious feelings at random times. I have even had sudden feelings of complete dread as if something terrible is going to happen, but I don't know when or to whom. The past week things have become more intense. I felt the presence of someone in my car with me, but of course I knew no one was there as I was traveling down the interstate. It was a strong feeling, and I even checked to make sure even though I knew it was impossible. I have had two separate dreams in which I believe I was visited by a spirit. In one dream, a lady showed me how she died. I saw everything including the man who killed her. I saw we were in a Catholic Hospital or possibly an Asylum. The other dream I believe a child came to me. She was beautiful and perfect. No older than 9 months old and wearing a Halloween outfit. Her name was Arabella. In the dream, no one could see her but me which is why no one would pick her up. She kept reaching for me. I don't know what to do at this point or how to process this new information. I have always known there was something a little special about me, but I don't know if it is true or all in my head. My son is 8 and is already showing interest in the Paranormal. Does this run-in families? I am seriously lost.

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texryan67 (1 stories) (39 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-14)
that definitely could be a gene, although my mom and dad have passed on already, and my brother and I do not communicate. I love knowing things before hand like that. I wish that I could chat with someone who believes in the paranormal. My wife doesn't really like that stuff, She doesn't care for the binaurals, either, which I would recommend to anyone to listen to, from you tube. 😉

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