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My Unusual Experiences And Phenomena


I cannot say much about my childhood before I was five years old. Everything seemed pretty normal when we lived on the farm. I had very little bad experiences there with unusual activity except a nightmare I still remember from when I was three years old. I had a dream he was insulting me and then shrank down to some small size and was standing on top of my cereal yelling at me. I woke up with a start and still saw a small image of him like he was on the wall, but I suppose that's not so important.

Anyhow, my unusual experience started when we moved into the local village. It was owned by grandpa but my family lived there as well. The house likely had been there from the late 1800s on. The first thing I remembered there was thinking I was being chased down a hall by someone wanting to play tag but no one was there, yet it felt like someone was.

I also remember a time I was playing outdoors and I tried to do a hand stand. I was started to feel like I was going to fall, but for some reason when I thought I was going land I felt suspended in air for a few minutes. Then I dropped to the ground harmlessly.

I also had problems with being spooked by one part of the basement. The part nearest the front of the house was spooky, especially at night. It many times felt like someone was there. Sometimes it felt like a grave.

Other strange things started to happen there. At night, my bed felt like it was floating on waves of water and I was frightened it would sink to the living room below. I haven't had that sensation much since. I started awaking to weird things happening. I saw a being made of light rush into my room, then smile at me and vanish. I saw shadow beings like some animals and one that appeared to be coming toward my bed. I heard noises coming from closet that sounded like some ascending really creaky stairs. It freaked me out so bad sometimes I had to sleep in the living room.

After Grandpa died in a local nursing home, I started feeling like someone was in his room all the time. I could no longer stand going back there because it scared me.

Eventually, Mom sold the house for other reasons, a creepy neighbor to be exact. However, that did not end the disturbances for me. At our new residence in the country, some strange stuff started up again. It wasn't from the last place, but a different situation. The room that always seemed to have the most problems keeping warm was kind of creepy too. Once when I was using my computer in it, I had a voice appear on the recorded tape I was making for a friend. I played this tape for other friends and they said it sound like it said a garbled, "physical".

I also had a couple of experiences at friends' homes. For one, I had a déjà-vu experience when I saw a particular ceiling pattern in the home. The other was at a friend's who believed ghost haunted her at a young age too. I actually thought I saw movement in the living room and challenged whatever was there to touch my face. It didn't happen at first, but then a cold sensation brushed me on the cheek. My friend wanted to get out of there quickly so we did.

When I left to live in different apartments over the years, I had interesting experiences in some of the rented places I lived in. The first, nothing happened. The second, I only was occasionally freaked out by the basement. The third was weird but not in a haunting manner - the upstairs neighbor were kind of bizarre. When I moved out of there, I decided to move back to my home village into an upstairs of a duplex. The weird experiences started strongly there too. For some reason a cabinet door opened of its own accord and for some reason I found myself saying, "Don't do that," as if I knew something was there. I also would sense some weird things about the history of some supposed owners from around the late 1800s - which were supposedly, I sensed later, the owners of the first village house I lived in after wanting to move to a larger place.

In between this portion of the story and the next, I went to visit my parents on a Sunday and saw something in the room that bothered me. What looked like a shadow person with long hair stopped and looked my way from the doorway of the room. It then seemed to be disturbed I noticed it and appeared to flee further into the room.

I moved out of the village after a particularly disturbing experience. I will not mention it because it was bizarre and somewhat

Embarrassing at the same time. I didn't want to share an apartment with such a presence, so I left for my parents' place for a few years.

That was when I really started having visions regarding the people who supposed lived in the same two places I did. I first had the feeling like the presence from the other place had come to visit and I was scared out of my mind so that I froze up and it seemed to leave eventually. Then I had plenty of visions about the three daughters and their father who supposedly lived there.

Apparently, one of the daughters was supposed to have been married to a Native American from the area when she got lost and could not find her way home. Her dad eventually found here and brought her back to his house minus her husband. That's where the story had an odd turn.

Her Native American husband went on some sort of watch and eventually rode his horse toward the house. Somehow he knew she was in there. He went in there to be with her a moment and then decided to take her back with him to his village. One of his daughters seemed to automatically know that this was her husband.

Anyhow, when the Native American went to take his wife back with him, the father showed up and thought she was being forcefully abducted. He went out and aimed his gun at the Native American, to which the other daughter came out and tried to stop him. It was too late, he killed the Native American. Apparently, they buried the body somewhere nearby.

Later, along comes his Native American friend to find out what happened to the first Native American. He finds out what happened and the father convinces him to stay and be her husband, apparently to cover up for what he did wrong. It's a really dramatic story and somehow these people seem to also have some sort of connection to the property where my parents lived. The Native American helped work on building a farm around here.

After this I had some bad experiences with other visions pertaining to me somehow. It was like some people who seemed to think they were parents were trying to talk me into going somewhere bad. I got in trouble one time for making too much noise over it and moved back to the city. This place appeared to have a haunting too.

The weird experiences I had there were varied. I had a short being of light seem to show up, smile, and leave. However, it seemed there were also darker things there. I heard my name spoken by someone who wasn't there. I heard what sounded like a crowd causing an uproar. One of my computer speakers would have something talking inside it when I wasn't using the computer. I saw what looked like a trash can levitating in the front yard. I saw what looked like a shadow person waving its arms about and a portion of a shadow disappear around the corner.

Weird things also happened at my workplace at the time. I was minding my own business, just staring at nothing, when suddenly a box seemed to be knocked out of its place and crashed to the floor. Suddenly after some time, the people at this workplace turned on me and I was fired. Then I had to move back with my parents once again for lack of funds.

When I got there, they decided to put a place out back for me to have a computer in and perhaps sleep in occasionally if I got upset and made too much noise. Then that place turned weird. It was an old RV, but I am not sure the presence came with it. Seemed more like this presence might have been attached to the land.

Anyhow, I had frightening experiences in that. What freaked me out is the mirror on the bathroom door of this RV used to look like water rippling. I then bought some religious medals for protection back there. However, I thought to myself, this will scare it off. I then heard a voice say, "I am not scared." That really scared me.

There were subsequent happenings out there, like I saw a shadow against the front screen for the window as the lights were on inside. When it noticed me, it appeared to walk off. What was strange is it seemed to have also bothered my dad when he went out there for some reason.

Besides this I have had strange sensations about the living. Like, once I met a person at my one workplace for the first time. I had a voice at the back of my head say, "Don't you feel the presence of death?" The next time I heard about her she was supposed to have shown up at work and didn't. She was found dead in her apartment not much later from a prescription error.

Sometimes I listen to one voice or another's suggestion to not do something and sometimes I don't. I got in a car accident once when my mother told me when I was getting ready to leave that I should get going early so I can take the highway there. I told her I didn't take the highway, I took another road and left to go on that road. Something made me want to use the high but I decided not to. I got in a car accident that day on that road.

Another time I didn't listen, was when I was coming home from work. I had missed my exit for reasons I did not know. Some voice told me to get off on the ramp. I didn't listen and tried to cut over on an emergency lane. That was when some cop out of nowhere came and fined me for a what called a wrong turn on the ticket - which was almost the same amount of one of my paychecks at the time. I wished I had listened but I didn't think I was doing anything wrong - horrible lesson I guess.

That's about all can think of and/or relate. I don't want to get too into this but seeing as how others have related similar experiences on your site, I thought I would give you some summaries of some of mine. I really don't want to think I'm crazy and hopefully you will not think that either.

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