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Ive for many years had visions. None which I try to hard to understand or define, and, give definitions or cause too. None have been obviously related or connected to my life experiences as I know. Usually just images of things often I can't even define the materials or compare them. Some are comparable example a vision of neon colored gears all piled in up in disarray. Example of one particular colorful one. Lately however skipping many visions I have had over the many years I have had a reaccurring one that has surprised me but not caused any concern or alarms.

It started weeks ago, and happen just before I was about to take a nap. I'm trying to doze off but I'm aware and. Am looking inside my eyelids at rather murky common light I see usually because its day light, and light penetrates the lids. I often see what I call layers or segments of light, and images. Some come from my mind, and. Thoughts and day dreaming. These are clear in my mind, and have particulates to them. There are other layers where I can drum up images of things I want to see or think on. They too are distinctive. Still images so to speak. Then there's a field of images that are completely separated, and often are not so distinctive at all. In that these are just colors, and cloudy murky shadows against dulled lighted backgrounds that are murky. And moving like smoke clouds but thicker as if you were up close in the clouds so to speak. Some of the times these clouds or murky moving churning images give way to an image. These are my focus of interest. I am not attempting to stir these up or draw them out. I am just observing, and I see or I don't see something, and usually I'm not anticipating it until lately I have been. Most caught me by surprise. Only one ever repeated itself or seemed one was connected or related to another. That too has changed. None cause me any physical sensations to speak of. Except one recent mild sensation. Thus my purpose for posting just more or less curious of feedback.

Several weeks ago I had one of those pre nap relax close my eyes, and look into the murky cloudy churning before my eyes. There were a couple before this but slightly different and ill cover them later. Thru the murkiness I see a form of a what looked like a corner of two walls adjoined, and one the right side of the wall what looks like the blurred outline of what id call a picture frame. Inside the frame some kind of image of what mightve been a flower vase of some sort. AS I observe the image it changes. It appears to be like a sheet of paper instead of a frame and its on the right side of the wall. The more I look there is more of these papers all neatly laid out but of different sizes. However the the wall if filled completely with these various sized papers and on the papers it appears I'm seeing what I think was typed fonts. Neat script. Not hand written. But as I watch this all of these papers appear to have areas where letters of words or script is moving across constrained areas on the paper. I'm writing this so that its clear as possible it looks like data fields in a computer screen but with moving data. The data itself appears to be in motion changing but I can't make out any words at all. I can just see the data some fast some slow on various forms on the wall. Each one is different in that the fields are placed in different locations on each paper. Some may have not been moving. I couldn't keep the image long enough to discern or think of it at the time. Black fonts and white paper. Id say the image lasted thirty seconds at best. And faded into other images. Which I may disclose later, and refer back to this.

One particular of the six I saw one page that appeared to have what looked like some kind of spiral on it moving around like a radar screen in black n white. Just a note of something odd outside of data that I saw.

Why does this particular one stir me? Well. There have been to count now six of these as of yesterday. Spaced out over the past couple weeks about every other day. I haven't been documenting anything ever except to discuss something in a txt with intimate friends or family. I wished I had so that I could distinguish each day and any particulars. However it is what it is. Each of the new ones on the following days are very similar. They all appear in a similar way and the preconditions are pretty much the same. The colors are usually grayish blues to lighter faded blues. Sky blues perhaps but dulled. The last one yesterday was different. Yellowish murk. Thick and in motion with characteristics in the motion. Distinctive imagery in motion. This last one started like the frame fading in through this stuff. Like a frame with an image inside I couldn't make out... Dark glob of something in a form I couldn't relate too. The image changed like the original one and was one sheet of paper with data moving but there was lots and lots of data moving all up and down and changing form. The data seemed to be creating patterns on the paper. Like ascii art. It kept moving and changing its location. Id day 2/3rds of the document was filled leaving gaps along the sides so to give the idea of possible pattern the data was trying to make. I'm implying because my thoughts too implied that was the purpose of the image if there is one. However I couldn't make out an image of the patterns that I could relate to in any way. No idea what the shapes these letters if letters were making. Again I can not see the actual letters. Its just he idea that they are. Just as you might see a sign from far away you can't really read but you can tell if there is lettering on it out of recognition. But like seeing a sign say on a wall from a distance... A board with paper postings I could very clearly distinguish the over all image. Clarity of the the image but not the letters and I mention this cause it seems this affects my ability to hold the image and control it. If I attempt to hard to see the letters or read something I loose the image. Of these six unlike ever before something is very different than I have ever experienced before. I for one have been anticipating em but not trying to force them mentally... Just more observant when closing eyes. This last one I had an actual very mild physical sensation. I had been napping or near dozed off and a sound woke me. I didn't want to open my eyes but I was very aware and about too when I chose to look into my eye lids at the vague light and it began to change colors to this yellowish mixed grayish color that came in a very new way. I felt as if my vision had shifted as if id turned my head fast enough to feel a slight dizziness from the motion. Yet I never moved my head. The image inside my head moved from left to right as if shifting like a screen image had moved off to the right and a new one appeared in front with a blank blueish image that turned into this yellowish color. I'm getting it outa order but I'm typing off the cuff here and going with whatever comes out. So that covers the physical sensations.

Of the others I can't say they are much different. They all appear in the same manner. All appear to be on a familiar wall. Not all same shapes but all very organized. All have more or less data on them. Not crowded data unlike the last one. The data appears to move across the fields not up and down the pages unlike the last one. So again like a computer screens data input or raw data output on a screen. Some fields looked like data feed left to right. Like news bulletin...

THink I have covered what I can think of at the moment. I will add that images in the past were often spread many months apart and completely unanticipated. They just appeared without cause I was aware of. None even remotely like this last bunch. Some of the recent ones have had mild similarities. One was of a wall then focus on what I thought was ceiling and image of stucco with a puddle of water in small area of it. Very very distinctive image and one I could actually kind of of zoom in to look at specific lil bumps in the material and distinguish the water outline as being like any lil puddle of clear water might appear dropped on surface of anything. One other one was a boxed in screen like image I almost passed up and perhaps a burn from my computer screen... Like phosphor burn except the image moved outa view when I turned my head and reappeared when I turned my head back to it. Was blank screen. And there was nothing in front of me to cause it. Was a plain gray cabinet in shadows but my eyes were closed during this.

Only once before many years ago almost 8 I think I had one reaccuring image. I closed my eyes and saw what looked like marbles in liquid flowing in a stream lots of em bouncing off each other randomly following a flow. Blueish but distinguishable round like balls of something in a what appeared liquid flow. That same day I had a reaccurance of this same image slightly different colors and moving super fast but within the same constrained flow. Like a river flow with defined sides. Id say unlike a river cuz it was smaller at least in my mind. Previous to these none have ever been like others.

Lately images have picked up. I see lots of random designs of stuff in motion. Like colorful spirals things you might see in imaginary films of tunnels of light churning. I haven't given much credence to em cuz they are like things I have seen in movies and such. They are just interesting and entertaining to see. But I do try to focus and look for particular anything if I can and they last long enough. Most dont. Images are constantly in motion and changing and I see an occasional pattern. Such as a gray cloudy line that moved down across the bluish area in a rhythmic pattern like a machine. Timed motions Like fuzzy chalk line but a line none the less.

I have seen often some strange things and common but I keep thinking they are physical things inside the eyes and interior of the area I'm looking. I see what look like strands of hair moving fast jittering and somewhat connected. Images of what look like microscopic germs moving around and once I even saw what looked like some kind of clear see through crab like critter moving around the hairs. I see the hair or tentacles if ya want to add some creature character to it. But id saw hairs cuz they're very thin but they move like spider legs and look like em too. Like a frantic injured spiders legs might rapidly move attempting to get up. The lil crab like critter was moving around and the entire thing always kind of has the feel I'm actually seeing something under a microscope. So that's some additional stuff.

Im leaving out much of the past and unsure how much of this I want to publicly disclose. I'm posting this for anyone with similar or may see something distinctive in this info they can add to it. General comments are welcome of course but just more or less curious because I don't publicly disclose much of any of these experiences or discuss them freely. I'm doing this only because of these last experiences. Why six in a row? This is completely off the scale for me and new. I feel something is different in these and my relationship to them. I feel attached so to speak and almost as if I have some level of control over them in that I can't make them appear but I can participate in them more than any others I have before. I can rove over the images and move around them versus all my other visions the images just pass through on their own accord the way they want and go when they do. These to go when they do but I seem to provoke them too. I have felt some level of control but not enough I can hold em too long.

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EtherBawny (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-07)
I had a seventh one the following day of my posting but it was very brief vision of the documents. The yellowish cloudiness faded but remained a glow over the documents then faded from view and then in near center of the cloudiness a hole formed like a lil portal I could see what appeared a room wth rich colored egg yellow walls. I felt I was looking through some kind of of moving scope that went around the room rather quickly and never allowing me to define objects on the walls or pieces of furniture. The hole I'm viewing through isn't moving. My eyes are moving but I didn't feel I needed to because the vision seemed to move around inside the portal on its on. I say portal because I really can't think of another way of describing this opening which I was looking in. However I saw enough to clearly know I was looking inside a furnished room. A room I have no familiarity with from my memories. This too had a short span of clarity until it all faded out and would not return. I was in the day light about to take a short nap. The sensation of needing a nap was gone as well. Though id never dozed off.

The clarity is amazing yet I feel if I attempt to focus on a specific point the vision counters it by moving around almost as if its evasive. I have pondered different things to see if I can control the things I see so I can actually say "i read this" or "i saw that object made of this or that" but I cant. I did make out there were items on the wall. Some decor. Id say the room would've likely been in a nice consciously decorated home of moderate taste. I saw quickly what looked like it might've been a wooden curio. The problem I have is the short span of time I see these things and very little time to experiment with controlling the view. Rather than loose it quickly I am most likely to just observe and see what comes as it comes with no effort to control. That seems to make it last longer. Id calculate that none of them last more than around thirty seconds to a minute maximum.

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