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Can You Read Photos Or Letters?


I can read photos I can look into the eyes of a missing or photo and get a reading.

I can touch a letter and get a reading. When I am walking I can connect with people's eyes.

I think it is photo reader.

I heard that Namus has Photo readers. People who look at missing photo and connect to their eyes.

These photo readers get readings from the eye connection.

You look into the photo and look into the eyes of the missing and connect with the eyes.

What is the first image or feeling you get?

If you say the name of the missing out loud. This can be dangerous. You can call that spirit to you. So be very careful.

A lot of times when I look into the missing photos I get the chills.

A letter is the same to me. I will touch a letter and if something is going to happen to the letter writer. I will get images later

When I dream.

Are any other Photo or letter readers out there. How do you do it? Thanks for reading. Please let me know how you do this.

Are there anymore photo or letter readers who get images when they look at photos or read letters.

To do photo readers. You look at images on photos. You look into the eyes of the missing.

You get a photo with large eye photo. You look into the eyes of the missing late at night. Read about the case. Then say the

Missing name out loud. Try to look into the missing photos. Then think about the images you see. Then read about the case for a

While. Then think of the that missing person before you fall asleep. You may get a dream about the missing. That how I dream or

Get images of the missing. I have worked on missing cases. Go to Unoffical Psychic Detective, on Facebook. That me.

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Blueberries (2 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-12)
Hi, I have never done a photo reading the way you have described, but I find yours interesting. I don't normally look at the photos, but have had people show me multiples and I can feel the imprint of energy coming off of the photo of the person. You can test this by putting three photos of one person in with many others and sorting them out based on feel instead of sight to try to hone your abilities, but I think you should talk to people who do face to face readings about the eyes.
You could try looking up OLD pictures, things you for sure couldn't have heard about and try a reading of those. I know there are websites with tests like that. Sorry I don't have more info.

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