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Demon Guardian - What Is Your Take On This Photo?


First off, English is not my native language so if I don't make my self clear I apologize in advance. Second, I really hope the moderators don't mind me putting a direct link to my photo right here in this post. I really didn't understand how I was supposed to upload a picture any other ways. PM me or let me know if prefer another way. I just uploaded it to a safe image/picture host website. Also, I did a little brightness adjustment so you all can see it more clearly.

A little background about this picture:

The date it was taken was on December the 19th 2014 at 04:29 at night.

Now right off the bat there are a few problems right there with that.

1) This is always a time when I am in a deep sleep, always.

2) I live alone, no visitors / sleepovers that night.

Last time was a month ago, been alone in my bed since.

3) Mind you, how was this picture even taken? Considering the fact that my iPhone was on the floor and I was a sleep, which brings on the question... Who could have taken this photo.

I've been practicing astral projection / OBE since mid summer with some interesting experiences, no full out OBE yet though. But I have been practiced it on my bed, in my bedroom as shown in the photo, I've lived in this apartment for now 1 and a half months.

You will notice that I am sleeping on my back, and I drew an arrow to point to what I find strange, a face, and from my take if it a kind of demonic creature. It is never been around since, I don't feel any bad. I'm happy & enjoy life. My take on the face is that it seems to ward of something that are in the room or approaching me, you know? Hence why I feel it's guarding. I don't know it's purpose, but to be honest it don't bother me THAT much. I'm interested though. If I was able to communicate with it I'd be humble and ask what it'd want with me. Because I am certain, it will never have any power over me. I chose my own words, actions, and happiness. If I am being deceived I will not buy in to it.

I'd just really like you guys who know about this to help me out.

I really appreciate it.

What do you guys and gals make from this face? As far as I can tell, it's a face, and it looks like a dog or something that is angry at anything but me.

Moderators, I will now post the link. If it violates rules I will comply and edit my post / go about it the right way to show my picture.

Here it is:

My face is pointing towards the ceiling, I think I might have one eye open, I hope it's bright enough. It was really not this bright to begin with, more pitch dark. It was black and I just noticed something weird going through my pictures on my iPhone.

Have a great 2015 all and everyone of you. May it bring lots of joy.

Take care. Any answers are highly appreciated.

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-_-Sleepy-_- (3 stories) (33 posts)
10 years ago (2015-01-09)
It looks like a guy missing his top left side of his face it looks like to me that hes smiling (like someone's taking a selfe) when I seen this picture my right arm hurt I don't know if it means anything or not but I know it is a negitive enity for sure but I wouldn't call it demonic
mabus (guest)
10 years ago (2015-01-09)
Well from my taking of the picture and by what you say that it is demonic; I think it is watching over you and protecting you. From what I know about demons and angels is that those terms are just a broad, human term used to classify many groups of entities together. To me it looks like a dog or a cat or some form of animal. My guess is that you have an animal guide or a familiar or maybe even a demonic entity watching over you and protecting you from harm.

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