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Possible Demon... Any Suggestions?


I've always been somewhat sensitive to spirits, and I've always been really good at reading people and whatnot. I'm coming to the conclusion that I may be psychic or something... Anyway I have what I believe is a demon following me and my family. My mom and I used to go "ghost hunting" a lot and we noticed something active in our lives since I was little. One time we had our inside pane of our sliding glass door blow into the house while the outside pane untouched. We at first thought it was the air pressure building up inside the door but realized that was impossible because, 1 it was summer out and the windows were all open causing it to be the same temp inside as outside. Meaning there was no contracting/expanding. 2 because if it was air pressure it would have shattered both panes of glass due to equal pressure pushing on both sides. There's a ton more stories I have but it's way too long to explain. I wanted to know 2 things. 1 if there's anyway to remove this entity from my life. I've had me/ the house blessed/excercised multipal Times with no noticeable difference mad. But I also wanted to know why I recently keep seeing a white mist out of the corner of my eye. When I look at it it disappears. It looks like the steam that comes out of your house when you're doing laundry on a cold day. Almost always immidiatly following this sighting is a cold chill and feeling of uneasiness. I want to know if this could be me seeing a spirit. I read somewhere that some believe it could be your spirit guide, a relative, or even a demon watching over you but I have no clue what it is. Can anyone explain this? Thanks!

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Illumin (guest)
5 years ago (2018-12-30)
Hello Gibby1547,

It could also be something, but that is difficult to say without some more information. I would look for the spirit's name and what it wants. Once you know that, removal should be fairly easy. Every spirit feeds off a certain energy, emotion or state, and as everything has a counter for balance the counter can remove it. Also if you truly want it to leave you can will it to leave. Focus on it and "push" your energy into it pushing it out. Imagining it in your mind can help you do it. Let me if you need anything thing else.

Lyro (468 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-21)
Good morning, something you should know first off is the ability to see things that aren't always part of our tangible world is often times easier through the corner of our eyes. You have to lose focus on the world around you to gain focus on that world, this is done the easiest through the corner of our eyes since that's where you have the least amount of focus while still being able to notice changes. When you turn to look at what caught your attention you then start to focus and it goes away, this is pretty normal. I was once advised that I would see shadows in the corners of my eyes and to ignore them, to not even acknowledge their existence. Often times it can be annoying, but I haven't really had anything come from it. As far as something following you, you could try building the energy around you and expanding it. The way It was described to me was picturing in your mind the energy around your body, and slowly expanding it into the world around you until it encases the whole room. A wall of energy that let's only that which you want to pass through it come through, and those that you don't aren't able to pass through. You could give it a try and see if it works out for you. Do note that often times spirits are attracted to psychics due to their energy and aren't actually there to harm you, but instead are drawn to you. I've had orbs around me ever since I started into all of these kinds of things, and they were there to try and help protect me. I also saw in very old photos of myself an orb that was always there, even before I got into everything which I believe to have been my guardian angel, so the real question is based on what you feel. If you're just afraid of something being there, and not that it's actually bad, it could be something else. However, if you feel that it's something bad, try blocking it out. If you can do it yourself then there won't be a need for someone to come and cleanse your house because you would have already done it.
Blubber108 (1 stories) (9 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-18)
Hi Gibby

It's possible that is an unwanted presence, whether it is demonic or not I don't think I can say based on the experience, however I had hired a distant entity clearer who I purchased a tutorial from on commands involving Archangel Michael Jesus and God to send this spirit or demon to where it needs to be. If you want me to try the command if you think it's attached to you email me.

But he does work with some Angels one would get skeptical about. But you don't have to use any commands involving those angels.

I only tell you about this because I been through attack and still suffer. Entity clearers can be expensive and most of them are fakes. But there is one who I enlisted and had an experience once he started his work (I smelled blood pungently) and felt great heat on my shins. Demons are not something to play around with, it's most important that you don't give in to fear and intimidation or give up on God, cause that's when these entities do their damage.

Let us know how your situation goes.


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