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Possible Instance Of Psychokinesis?


I read that the mineral Phenacite can help bring out telekinetic and psychokinetic abilities, and I was recently playing with a bean-size piece in my car.

I noticed a mosquito flying around and I slowly moved my right palm towards it with the intention of killing it. The mosquito suddenly dropped out of the air mid-flight and began crawling around weakly, before I even physically touched it. It wasn't completely dead, but drastically slower and different from its previous energetic & quick flying around.

I wonder if this is an instance of psychokinetic phenomena? It really surprised me when it happened. I had been practicing moving my energy through my hands recently but not seriously, and I may have a genetic predisposition to working with energy through my hands, since my mother can "lay hands" and channel healing energy.

I'm also inclined to think that insects are more predisposed to reacting to "thought" and being influenced by the "mind" of the environment, auras, etc.

Phenacite is said to affect the Ajna, Sahasrara, and Soul Star chakras, or the 8th chakra which is believed to be the level of personal karma.

My mindset when all this happened was empty and calm with non-emotional intention; the emotion I had towards the Phenacite was curious and playful, grateful, happy.

I'm wondering if psychokinesis works with the 7th & 8th chakras of the personal self as well as one's connection to the environment. I'm often tuned into and meditating with my environment, and conscious of what my aura brings to & affects the environment.

Any random thought related to any of these subjects is appreciated, thanks for reading.

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