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Sensing My Transition


It started out as simply thoughts of of death, - and I want to point out that they were *unwanted*/*unintentional* thoughts - but then advanced to a strong unmistakable knowing that death was actually near, and I couldn't tell whose time was coming. This very strong sense came about a week ago. I would look at my housemates to see if I got anything, but I didn't. I tried to rationalize why it would be one of them and not me, but that didn't work - I didn't get anything... No sense that I was correct.

When I asked if it was me, I was blocked... I didn't get a yes, nor did I have confirmation of a no. My only experience with predicting death at all and being accurate about the person was years ago, through a dream (I was correct).

This sense, and other messages from Spirit are brand new to me:

A couple of days ago, as I was laying down to go to sleep, I received thoughts in my voice that were not my own. They said, reassuringly, "you know spirit is going to intervene when that bad thing happens to you"

I know it wasn't actually me because I didn't personally refer to it as 'spirit'. I used to think of it as 'Source'. Now that word doesn't seem to describe it anymore.

I feel like it is amazing that I will have interference of some kind. I use that fact to try to stay positive when I get anxious about it. This makes me think that maybe I will transition, but spirit will catch me in the ether and give me permission to come back down.

After having those thoughts, I immediately got up and locked the doors because I don't know what bad thing, or when.

And yesterday, while I was taking a shower, I got really excited and felt like I was "going on a trip soon". I thought that somehow I would quickly finish the books I am working on, and move to the state I am planning to live in - but that explanation did not feel right. I really didn't know where the trip could be to.

I really don't feel like/sense that anything bad is going to happen to me, nor that I should be particularly worried for any reason. I also don't feel as though my "time is almost up."

All information gathered, with 10 being most scared, I am probably a 5, and since I first had that sense, this has only disturbed my sleep once - which is why I decided to write here about it. I had a dream that included a woman in black clothes with long, grey hair and I couldn't go back to sleep because I thought maybe she was a dream symbol of death. (I don't remember any other parts of my dream. Just her. It wasn't like that premonition I mentioned before which accurately predicted events that would follow and words that people actually ended up saying afterwards).

I wasn't going to add this in, but they could be part of my message from spirit. The person who's death I predicted was my mom. This happened when I was 16, she passed maybe 2 weeks later. I have also been having dreams about her lately. In most, she is very lively and happy. But I don't think these are 'visitations'. It is more that she's playing a role than actually communicating from the other side.

I have anxiety about how and when it will happen to me. My question is WHY would I just die? I am healthy, and I live a very restricted life. I'm sure it's possible, but I am not likely to be in any deadly accidents.

Since everything is dictated by free will is it possible that I do not have to experience it? Is there any way I can ward it off?

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Ang3l (25 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-09)
No, you're not going to die.

It is rare for a person to have a dream/prediction of his/her own death. You'll have to be like a super psychic or something.

Death dreams/premonitions are for people you know or might run into in the future. That is also assuming the "death" in the dream actually meant "physical death."

Like AnneV said, you don't need to worry; just focus on living your life.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-10-08)
What has become distorted are your thoughts. Obsessing about your death is doing you no good what-so-ever. So what if you might die soon? We all need to live as if today is our last day. What you should be thinking about is how to treat others in such a manner that when you do pass, and you will just like the rest of us, you will have a positive life review a life in a higher plane.

Our thoughts ultimately create our reality. What are your thoughts creating? Are you creating good for yourself and others or reveling in thoughts that are more than likely not coming true any time soon?

Think what you want but our energy is like 'currency'. We can piss it away on wasteful thoughts or do something enduring and good with it. Choice, as always, is yours.

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