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Sensing Strong Enrgies And Spiritual Contact


This Story is about an experience I had with an Angry Spirit.

The year was 1992 in the month of June. I have dealt with many different things and energies since the age of 4 years old. I have learned to just accept my gifts and just deal with them one day at a time. During this period I was working for a contractor and was tasked with installing HVAC equipment. On this day I was scheduled to install a new furnace and Air conditioner in an older home in the area.

The day started out like any other normal work day. I loaded up equipment and materials and headed out to the home on the list. Things changed rapidly as I drove up the street to the front of the home. The order said that the owners would be at work most of the day, and that I was just to go on in and get to work. Upon reaching the home the closer I got the louder the ringing in my ear and head got.

Let me back up and explain a little about one of my gifts or curses, however you look at it. When I get near an area with a high concentration of psychic, residual, or paranormal energy a buzzing starts in my left ear. It sets up a very high pitched ringing that penetrates into my head. If the energy is oppressive I go into an automatic self protection mode and everything becomes muffled. It is kind of like putting ear muffs on. I am not deafened but everything becomes muffled. I can still hear OK, but it puts me on alert. Kind of a psychic alarm bell. Then I know to wake up and actively shield myself from what is coming.

Ok back onto the story. When I pulled up I saw an energy field pulsing in and around the home. I have experienced this before near open portals in different areas. It looked like the home was slightly breathing. I could not go back to the shop and say, send someone else I am going home. That is, not if I wanted to keep my job. As I touched the rear door knob to the home I felt a vibration and a coldness. I opened the door and stepped into the landing area leading to the basement. As soon as I crossed the threshold I started getting images flashing before my eyes. I saw many short film clips or videos of past things that happened in the home. I get visions in my mind sometimes that just happen when I touch an object or enter a space. Sometimes it is just while seeing a picture, place, or video. It is like seeing everything around you clearly with a faint overlay at the same time.

I won't go into all the details on here, but two stuck out vividly and I was sensing energy fields at the same time. The first one was of a group of young boys and girls about the ages of 10 to 12 gathered in a circle. There was five of them. Three boys and two girls. Of course it was around a Ouija board. At that moment when I was having the vision a door slammed in the house. I was alone in the home except for the thing that was stuck there in the home with me. It was as if it decided that I needed to pay attention to it and nothing else. I got a vision of a dark mass moving through the home. I decided to quickly shift my attention to the work at hand and worry about it later.

I reached for the basement door with one hand and was carrying a tool bag in the other. I turned the knob but the door was stuck. I put my tool bag down and went to shove with my other hand to help un-stick the door. I almost fell down the stairs when I started to push the door open. There was absolutely no resistance in that instant. I was mildly amused and said under my breath, "OK you got me that was a good one." I then picked up my tools, walked downstairs and began tearing out the old furnace. Upstairs I heard cabinet doors slamming and doors shutting. I ignored it and kept working. About 2 hours later everything went still. Another employee from the company showed up to give me a hand hauling out and loading up the old equipment. He left and I started on the job of reinstalling the HVAC equipment in the basement.

Now is when things got out of hand. Now I want everyone to understand and realize that all this was happening in the middle of the day with no one but me in the home. The basement door shut so hard that I thought it would break off of the hinges. I just kept ignoring it and kept on working.

I have the ability to sense the changes in the electrical charges in the environment around me. When an entity or spirit is trying to manifest or affect our dimension it needs to draw energy from our environment. I can feel or sense these energy fields. It allows me to locate or zero in on the anomalies and the locations of them. Think of it like hide and seek with someone hollering out you getting warmer. I felt this thing or spirit or entity forming behind me. I ignored it and would not look at it. All of the sudden I felt a cold rush of air hit me right in the back and pass over me. I still kept ignoring it. I had work to complete and could not stop and play with this now aggravated antagonistic energy. It was getting stronger and angrier by the minute. I could feel the environment around me changing and the temperature dropping. Still I kept working and payed it no attention. It knew that I knew it was there and would not acknowledge it.

OK DEFCON 2 ensued. Tools I was working with kept moving every time I set them down. I put down a linesman pliers and when I went to reach for them they were not there. I looked and found them three feet away. I sighed and put them back next to me. I stood up cut some metal and placed a pair of Wiss metal snips on a shelf next to the furnace. I knelt down and those snips went flying across the room right over the top of my head. That did it for me. I stood up cleared my throat and turned to where the now black mass was standing. It was about my height. I yelled at it and stated that is enough. I stated that I was there to do a job and would finish it one way or another. I also told it that it would not like what happened next if it did not back off. I told it that I knew all about it and how it got there. I also told it that it was not going to scare me, but only push me to action. I could feel my arms and hands getting very hot and starting to react to my situation. I will explain this at the end.

I watched it start to blink in and out kind of like when your lights at home start to blink when the power is going to fail. I warned it to let me finish or it would be sorry. I started to visualize my energy bubble expanding and went back to work. The air temp. Started to warm up as I went back to work. I finished the job and cleaned up and took all of my tools outside. I turned around and noticed the house energy had stopped breathing. I went back inside to deal with this thing. I walked through the home before anyone had got there yet. I was not snooping but had to find the source of the portal. Oh did I find it! I found exactly where those kids had been using it. They had torn open a portal in that home. As soon as I entered where they had been playing the entity came flying in at me. It was kind of guarding the portal but could not escape the home. It was an angry negative dark being and could pass in and out through the hole. The air in the room was heavy and at least 20 degrees colder. This angry spirit was drawing energy from everything around me to manifest and hold it's form.

Something I learned that day is that some of these entities draw energy from the darkness beyond the portal and our energy from our own dimension at the same time. They have to be near the portal to maintain their manifestation. I believe this is why it could not get outside of the home. I believe it could not get too far away or it would loose power and energy. I chose to talk to it at this point. I told it that it did not own this house. I told it that it did not belong in this dimension and that it would have to leave. I also told it that it would be trapped in that home and would slowly cease to exist if it did not go back because I was going to close the portal. It attacked and I forced it back through and closed down the portal. Everything was at peace in the home again.

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ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-09)
Hi CrazyCat,

If you email me I can probably answer some questions you might have. You can click on my name and open my profile page and read older posts there and find my email.

You should not be afraid of me, because I only go after negative entities not people. 😁 😉
CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-09)
Hello ThulsaDune! I'm interested in learning and knowing more. So, I had an experience recently, that has made me finally think, that I need to know more, cause I'm pretty sure, these experience are not going to stop anytime soon. It seems you can help me understand what happened and help me. I'm at a point, where ignoring is no longer an option, since I realize, my experiences involve pain and tiredness. I'd been ignoring it cause my cousin and a friend suggested it, I too didn't want to be involved, but I've been,unintentionally. So, maybe you can help? I tried posting my story,but, it seems to take long. So, would you help me? At this point, I'm afraid of myself and also, I'm feeling a little afraid of you (I don't know why). But you are also giving me the feeling of 'similar'. I'm somewhere between skeptic and believer. Help please.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-28)

Email me and I can answer your questions. What I would post would not be very popular on this site. Many people are not ready for the truth as I know it yet. Everyone has to come to it at their own pace. 😉
Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-28)
Hi ThulsaDune, your perspective on portals interests me. I've heard of "cold spots" in places but it hasn't occurred to me that they may be signs that a portal is present. How did you end up closing that portal?

I doubt if I could have your focus and calm to continue working under such circumstances though. It's good thing you were there to help that household. I wonder if they noticed the difference. Or maybe they'd just think it's the new HVAC system?

Thanks for sharing your experience.
bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-28)
Sounds like you're a very strong psychometrist, an individual that can sense and perceive the energies of inanimate objects and have strong clairsentience, the ability to sense the supernatural.

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