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Sensing Strong Energy Fields And Ties To The Past


I will preface this story with the fact that it was unintentional.

My wife asked me to drive her to Madison County Iowa. She is a photographer and wanted to see some of the covered bridges and photograph them. I agreed to go with her and make a day of it, and do some sight seeing.

She had done all of her homework and figured out where they were located. She plugged them all into our GPS unit and off we went. She had laid out the order from first to last and did not tell me why. I did not ask, and did not care about the order with which we would see them.

My wife knows of my tendency to feel and notice things others do not. I don't tell many people about what I know or feel. I don't discuss it with my extended family or people I know that are not very close to me. They would call me crazy and shun me. Any way my wife has witnessed me come up with things no one should know, and sometimes it freaks her out. She found out some history about one of the bridges and decided it would be funny to see how I reacted.

We came to the last bridge to check out, I won't say the name here. She made me stay back out of the way while she took her first shot of the entrance. She then stated let's walk across to the other end and get a photo from there. I agreed and started to walk across. I got part way across, and all of the sudden stopped. I felt like a huge water weight was crashing in from all sides. If you have ever gone off of a high board in a pool down to the bottom you will understand what I mean. I then got really dizzy and everything started getting dark. I started to lose my hearing and everything got muffled sounding. I then felt like I was getting choked. My wife turned to look at me, and with a concerned look asked if I was OK. She later told me it looked like my face was getting red, like I was holding my breath or choking.

I kind of backed up a few steps and started to feel the weight subside. Then I got an image flash into my mind. It was of a man swinging from a rope in the dark. He or it would have been hanging right above where I was just standing. I looked at my wife with kind of a glare. I looked her straight in the eye and stated" (So, you knew a man had been hung here, didn't you) ". She looked at me with wide eyes and admitted to it. She told me that she just wanted to see if I would react or not. She did not think that it would affect me that strongly. I actually felt like I was having the air choked out of me. She told me that she had read a story that was printed. It was about what had happened there many years ago in the past. According to what she read a man had been lynched. As the story goes he was hung from the rafters of the bridge in the middle half-way across.

I did not know about any of the history or stories. I had never been there before. I was not expecting what would happen or how strongly I would feel the residual energy. I went back and visited the same bridge with her again this year. This time I was able to prepare myself a little. This time I could dim down my sensitivity before crossing. This time I only got dizzy and was able to pass through fairly quickly. The residual energy is still very strong. I am sure that I am not the only psychic to experience the same thing on this covered bridge.

I will not mention the name because I don't want any unwarranted attention for me or the site. Just let people enjoy them for the way they should be experienced by everyone. Just know that it was a true experience and very personal and that I have only shared it on this site. I have not told any of my family or people I know. They would not understand or use the same discretion that I believe people on this site would use.

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jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-02)
Dear ThulsaDune,

Your experience is a very strange one, but I know what you've experienced was true. I've been noticing similar strong energy fields in the city I live in. There are certain areas that feel like they are covered in energy bubble and I can feel the difference whenever I go through the bubble's wall. I never had the same experience as you, but i've never been to such crazy and haunted places either.

I'm looking forward to hearing about more of your stories,

Gabbie (55 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-19)

Interesting experience.

I suggest that you use light energy to shield yourself and to cleanse your personal one off of all these foreign energies surrounding us daily. It would be wise.

Be safe

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