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Pre-natal, Past Life And Pre-incarnation Memories


I've been contemplating sharing this story for a while. At first, I've considered writing a book but motivation isn't there so I can't be bothered to sit down and write.

Anyway. This all started back in 2015. Back then, I was newly living with my ex and her mom, which I later learned was a psychic. I was an agnostic with zero knowledge of the spiritual. All I did was meditate.

I've always had strong intuition and sixth sense and, perhaps because of her mom's presence, my "sensitivity" seemed to increase around that time. It started as dashes of pictures in my mind who'd quickly vanish. I told her mom about it and, in her own words, she said "You're going to remember everything." I proceeded to see her aura later that day, although I had no idea what I was looking at.

What I eventually started remembering was... Weird. I remembered visions of the future I had both as a kid and as a baby inside my mother's womb. Over the span of the following months, I would get flashbacks from time spent growing inside my mother. It always happened when I was zoning out, in a trance-like state (I have long suspected being suffering from attention deficit disorder, as I can't stay focused on anything).

I can't say exactly when my soul incarnated the growing body but I remember the first pictures my brain sent me was a kaleidoscope of colors, mostly triangles. Each color had a distinct meaning. Greens, blues, reds, oranges... The patterns were simple at first but got more and more complex as time went on. The only color whose meaning I remember was the geometric fire, fiery and burning triangles. They allow us to see things in three dimension inside our brain (the root of our imagination.) As time went on, the kaleidoscope faded into the background and was replaced with the normal mind background we have when we're not thinking about anything. Once the kaleidoscope part was over, I started being sent visions from my future.

I believe those visions are sent to help us make the right decision or support us in difficult moments to come. I believe they also shape how our brain functions, thinks and feels, as the mind is a blank slate with no memory before these happen.

Something important to note: until much later in the pregnancy, I did not have the ability to think logically. Everything was taken at face value and integrated into my emotional core. I also did not have the ability to sleep until later on, so all I did for a while was loop through what my guides or the universe was sending me, which were various moments of my life to come.

Obviously, I was talking about this with my ex's mother who found it interesting at the time. Sadly, we were woken up one night and could hear her having a heart attack. She left us suddenly and without warning, which brought more flashbacks from my time as a baby inside my mom where I had a vision of my ex's mom passing away. The next day, I was passing the broom in the kitchen and I distinctly felt a presence. When it happened, the lights dimmed and the water pressure in the kitchen lowered. A few seconds later, I felt a cold in my chest that made me panic, but then I felt showered with unconditional love. I felt the presence give me an "energy hug" and then they left. It was probably my ex's mom saying goodbye.

We then moved in together in a new apartment as we couldn't afford rent anymore due to her mom passing away. Things kept happening. I was still having flashbacks from my time as a baby, but now I was remembering things prior to my time here on Earth. Here are some of the things I remembered:

I remember spending years before incarnating in a kind of "spiritual home" or "personal universe" who contained what I liked the most. I was just there taking in the atmosphere and energy when I was called by a higher being who brought me to his office, which was a golden tunnel made out of light. He told me I could have anything I wanted in my next life. The first thing I asked was eternal life... Which did NOT make him happy. He was extremely angry, which made me cry. I said "You told me I could have anything I wanted!" and then he calmed down and sent me loving energies to reassure me. I then proceeded to ask what I wanted, one of the things I wanted the most was to have a wife. I went back to my personal universe for a while and then someone else called me - a guide who was done learning but who was going to incarnate voluntarily as he wanted to live another life. We were floating in his personal universe, who was a vast landscape with snowy mountains. I loved his energy and asked him if he could be my dad in my next life, but he made me understand it was not going to be him. This guide is actually my best friend's father, and to this day I have an excellent contact with him.

I also remember undergoing a "training" where I was explained the meaning of the chakras and told they were going to show me how to use the green, or heart chakra as I "needed more love". Here's how it went: we would teleport to various locations on Earth where people were engaging in conversations and the guides would show me how to react and feel in those situations by making me feel exactly how I should. I have no idea how they did and I wouldn't always get it on the first try but they were patient and I caught on after 5 or 6 examples. I don't remember what happened next but I remember that my aura, starting from the inside to the edges, turned green, blue and lavender. I was told I'm going to be shown how to use the light blue chakra, or throat chakra, when I return after this life.

I was eventually called again and told it was my time. I was sent to someone who was waiting for me in his office (it had an actual office desk and libraries). He was an old bald man with a very kind smile and bright green aura who radiated with love. He explained to me that I was going to die without pain in this life - by having a heart attack in my sleep.

For some reason I can't quite remember, I was also extremely skeptical when it came down to them offering me someone who would be my wife. I think they knew as they made us meet: I was floating and waiting for her when she appeared in front of me. She had a green, yellow and red aura. I was going to be her teacher in this life. She knew this and said she was going to listen when I told her "You will have to listen." and she replied "Yes!" I then fell in love with her and said "I think I already love you." and she said "Me too." I wanted to talk with her more but we got separated when they brought me somewhere else. I understood I was going to be incarnated in the next minutes so I told them "Just a second" and I went back to my personal universe because I wanted to enjoy it one last time before leaving. Then, I went back to him. He gave me an astral body (which is the "muscular tension" we feel all the time) and explained to me I was going to need it. We were floating in a yellow and golden cloud and he told me "Don't think about anything." then I felt myself being pulled down. The pull was impossible to resist but I did not try, I wasn't scared of being incarnated. As I got lower and lower, the bright intense light and color surrounding me gradually got dimmer and dimmer, until everything went black. That's when I felt cold in my chest, which I believe is when the contact with my body was made.

Life kept happening around us. My ex was trying to cope with her mom's passing and I was still trying to understand what was going on with me. I stumbled upon spirituality books who felt like the answers to my prayers, as most of what I was remembering was also in those books. We eventually broke up as she started dating someone else and I moved in with my current girlfriend, which I believe to be who I met in the astral planes. She has the same energy as the person I met before incarnating.

In a strange but probably wanted twist, my girlfriend had experience with the spiritual. When we met and up to this day, she's had someone or something following her. I witnessed countless paranormal happenings since we moved in together - objects moving on their own, light switches turning themselves off and so on. She also left her body on two occasions and saw my aura, which she confirmed to be blue, green and lavender. I also saw my own aura in the mirror once.

I also remember having telepathic conversations with other kids back in first and second grade during class. Everyone in the classroom was having vivid and intense conversations with someone else while the teacher had no idea what was going on.

I also remember having a kind of "fire" in my chest area as a kid, a fire we can use to die on command. I got rid of it because I was scared I was going to end my life prematurely: my life was hell as a kid. My dad drank a lot, got into fights all the time with my mom and we were poor, so I was miserable. That "fire" was referenced in a spiritual book I used to own so I know this isn't my mind making things up.

Ah yes, I forgot to mention but I also remember a past life where I was living in a house surrounded by forest. In that life, I was living with my family and I developed schizophrenia. During a crisis, my family members took the appearance of black clouds with red eyes and something really bad happened (I'm not going to discuss this here) which ended in me taking my own life with a revolver. I remember how leaving my body felt - completely painless. I felt myself being spun around my body, as if I was in a tornado, and then I floated above. What followed was worst: I entered a lower vibration dimension where the feelings of depression and solitude were at their ultimate. It was pure hell - a thousand times worse than what I was going through while still alive. I stayed there a few months but was eventually allowed to leave. Everything was dark red, muddy orange and dark yellow, the colors of sickness in energy terms.

Here are a few more things:

Visiting the astral planes while dreaming as a kid and seeing colors that don't exist in this dimension. Incredible, beautiful colors surrounded with crystals and clouds. The brain cannot "see" those colors so when I'd "wake up" (come back inside my body), the colors wouldn't pass on to the brain and I'd get incredibly sad not being able to remember them.

While visiting the astral planes while dreaming as a kid, I would sometimes visit an artistic woman who would show me incredible works of art she made. Her art was not only visually beautiful, it also contained feelings and thoughts. She loved everyone and I was extremely sad when I randomly couldn't visit her anymore.

While dreaming as a kid and leaving my body, I would sometime meet a smiling man with curly hair who would slowly attract me towards him using love and then attack me when I'd get too close. The process went on for a while until I stopped getting close to him, despite him sending me loving energy.

When I would do a temper tantrum as a kid and cry, my guides would frequently come down and send me red energy through my feet. It would instantly calm me down and almost force to fall asleep. My guides gave me this energy once while I was still dating my ex and it was wonderful (I was feeling incredibly stressed out when it happened)

Speaking of energies, I also spent a week or two in complete bliss and love. Things didn't matter anymore, all I could feel was unconditional love towards everything. It was completely random and unexpected, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. It happened a few weeks after my ex's mom passed away.

The last time my girlfriend had an out of body experience, she was floating in the forest behind our apartment block and could feel the life energy in the trees and grass around her. She said that she spent hours there but only 20 minutes passed here.

Speaking of life energy, I distinctly remember when it appeared while I was in my mother's womb. It felt like an incredible pressure that made me its slave: there was no resisting it. We all act in terms with this energy, whether we like it or not.

As a kid, I had the ability to make the room's heaters crack on command by extending my aura to it (the kind of crackling noise heaters make in winter). It would stop working when people entered the room.

Finally, I'm going to describe the higher dimensional planes as the closest to what we can call heaven: feelings of infinite bliss and love, incredibly powerful (beyond what words can convey). Also free from all judgment, you are free to "be" without anyone or anything holding you back or making you feel bad.

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Charles120 (1 stories) (3 posts)
3 years ago (2020-12-30)
[at] mx384

Thanks, I wrote on your story because I couldn't find a way to send a private message haha.

I don't have much to add to my story except that I've actually seen my girlfriend's aura after all, it happened around a month ago. I was in the dining room and she was making food in the kitchen while I was facing away from her. I was lost in my mind when I felt intuitively I needed to turn my head and look at her. Then I felt my vibrational state rise and I distinctly saw a red overlay around her legs, who intensified in color and vibrance as my vibrations rose up. A few seconds later, I was smiling and happy. It felt good. Then I turned around again for a few seconds and when I looked back, her aura had turned to blue.

I also think I had an out-of-body experience recently. I was asleep and woke up in the middle of the corridor outside my apartment. Everything was REAL and I was focusing intensely on a hole in the wall. I felt myself rise above the ground and realizing I was free, I felt the urge to explore a new place. So I went headfirst into someone else's apartment... And everything went black. It felt like I wasn't allowed to go in there. And then I woke up and told my girlfriend about the experience. I checked out the wall the next day and the hole I was focusing on during my moment of freedom was actually there. I never noticed that hole before this happened.
mx384 (1 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-11-18)
Charles120 Your story is incredible.

I have a pdf book that should make you fell right at home, now this book is no stranger to knowledge seekers.

But I think this book is more useful to you.

Give me your email if you interested.

Charles120 (1 stories) (3 posts)
4 years ago (2020-10-24)
[at] ArcticEyez Thank you for your kind comment. I wouldn't say remembering these things was entirely pleasant as it came as a massive shock to me back in 2015 and 2016 but I've grown used to remembering things by now. I would say it made me understand and accept that knowing everything is impossible - and not necessary. I feel like I remembered what I needed to feel better.

I should note that I forgot a few things when I wrote this text, I will write them now:

I talked about the kaleidoscope/pattern of colorful triangles we see in our mind when we just "entered" our growing body, but I forgot to mention that what follows is pain and suffering. Once the triangles vanish into the background, our ego starts to form and he is experienced as one very real person in your mind. A very real and very negative person. What follows is weeks of battling your own mind and being attacked by it. As the ego grows, it gets smarter and smarter (and meaner and meaner) as it starts using your thoughts against you - just like it does when we're alive but it's 100 times more intense, depressing and painful when we're still growing in the womb. You eventually gain control over it though.

I also remember having, at some point, being told I had to create a code of conduct for myself. I remember a vast blue landscape in my mind and telepathically receiving the message "Now you have to create a code of conduct and morals for yourself" which would follow me through my life. I had to decide things like no hurting people, no stealing, no killing and so on for myself.

Choosing this life wasn't my first choice. I was explained my next life lesson was going to be patience and I was shown a few lives I could choose. None of them had any guarantee I was going to learn patience, but they had strong similarities to my previous life, which made me feel more comfortable towards them. However, I told them I wanted to make sure I would learn what I had to learn, so I sacrificed things that mattered to me (whom I had in my previous life) in favor of this current life because it was GUARANTEED I was going to learn patience with this one, on top of other very important things someone told me. That person had an INCREDIBLE level of intelligence - probably in the hundreds or even thousands of IQ. He appeared before me and telepathically sent me ideas, patterns and emotions with an insane level of complexity - all within a mere second or two. No one thinks like on Earth, which leads me to think that person has been around for a very, very, very long time and hasn't had the need to incarnate probably in millions of years. I unfortunately don't remember the exact content of his message, I only remember what it felt like. It made me 100% confident in choosing this life. I also shown a vision of what I would visually look like (one of the things I asked for was being handsome, as it mattered to me.)

I've learned about the red overlay some people with strong negative early years have in their auras and can confirm I remember when it was granted to me. It happened when I was still in my mother's womb - I was severely traumatized from the visions of the future I was sent and I was asked if I wanted this red "shield" around me to protect me. I said yes and immediately felt better and safe. I saw this red overly a few weeks ago in the mirror when I was feeling horribly anxious.

I also spent time trying to see my girlfriend's aura and while I haven't seen color overlays yet (except a few dashes of blue above her head, who might have been her etheric body), I keep seeing intense white light around her head whenever I doze off looking at her. At one point, it was so intense that everything else in my vision looked dim and pale in comparison. I did see black holes surrounded with dark green just above my mom's head, though. I have no experience in energy healing however and I really, really don't feel confident enough to try and help her (too scared of doing a mistake) so I sadly can't do anything about it.

That's about it for now, I'll come back if I remember more.
Potatoeboi (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-10-16)
I have a memorie that isn't my memory but I can still feel the pain of the memory if anyone knows anyway to explain this please contact me on my Snapchat landon_rios someone please help
ArcticEyez (3 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-09)
Wow. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. Your experiences are beautiful and absolutely mesmerizing. Just reading your accounts made me feel so many different overwhelming positive emotions with a yearning to know more and "go home". I've always been very spiritual In my lifetime and have experienced a lot of grief and trauma. I feel something so powerful within me but don't know what I have to do to feel complete. Again thank you so much. Sending lots of love and light. Jenna May

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