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Is Something Wrong With My Memory Or...?


Im very sorry if this sounds weird, I'm not too good at explaining stuff. Lately I have been... Seeing things? Sort of. Me and my cousin we're watching the second season of a show (Umbrella Academy) that just came out, last Friday I believe. I could have sworn I saw one of the scenes somewhere. I remembered it. There were three guys in the scene but I only remember the one who was pointed a gun. I thought my mind was just playing tricks on me but I remembered all of the surroundings too. I just figured I had watched a trailer or something and I wanted to make sure it wasn't anything weird. So I watched a few yet the scene wasn't in any of them. My mind instantly went to my cousin in case he got the same feeling too but he didn't. When I asked my cousin and he said he didn't watch any trailers or remember anything. The next day something like this happened again. It was about my aunt and her baby this time. I was sitting on the floor and I looked at the area I was in and I remembered being there. They have only lived in this house for about a year and the baby is only 7 months so I couldn't have seen it before. I remembered the area and the people but like before, someone was missing. My baby cousin who turned 7 months not too long ago wasn't there in the memory. I just didn't remember him being there. Its very hard to describe. I still think my mind is messing with me. I really don't know how to explain it. In short, I keep remembering things but I don't remember when I saw them or how. For the show, I have never been to a movie set so I couldn't have seen it beforehand. I didn't even find it on the trailers. And for the one about my cousin, he was like blocked out of a current memory? I don't know. It's weird.

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layschips98 (21 posts)
3 years ago (2020-12-08)
you dreamt it, then you forgot about it while you're awake. Sometimes when we dream time does not work the way it does when we're awake, meaning the past present and future are sort of warped like a circle. It's deju vu basically lol. It's common but u might think you're crazy. Don't worry you're not.

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