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An Unknown Memory


For starters, I am 17 years old, if that has anything to do with the strange occurrences I'm about to relate. I do not have any mental issues besides the common headache, so I know what I'm about to tell isn't random or foreign. And yet, I am still doubtful if this is even psychic related. In all honesty, I'm hoping someone out there has answers or related comments. When reading my story, you may think this is silly and minor, or a form of déjà vu, but hear me out when I tell you it's not

Think of when you recall something: how vivid it is, how you remember random details like the weather or the color of someone's clothing. Unimportant kind of stuff. But that's normal for remembering. Well, like any person, I live an ordinary life. I can recall what I ate a couple days ago, the smell that store had on that day of the week, etcetc. But what from I've gathered isn't normal, I remember things I've never occurred. Or maybe they did, but who's to know?

It doesn't matter what I am doing. I could be reading a book, watching a movie, buying a coffee or driving. I could basically be doing anything. For a very brief moment, I remember images or conversations. In that brief moment I'm remembering whatever it is, it's vivid, it's real. It's like It did happen and I was there to witness. But then seconds later, that memory is gone, and I can't even recall what it was I remembered or the subject of it or how I got there. The only thing I know, is that I remembered something and now it's unknown.

It's almost like those memories are meant to be suppressed, but how and why? Maybe I am just crazy but those memories are as real as the memory of what I ate for this mornings breakfast.

What usually pulls me into them is how any memory is pulled. A word someone said, something you see, or smell or a thought that lead to another. Minor things that lead to bigger things.

I know this isn't déjà vu because déjà vu makes you think you did whatever it is you are doing before. This is a memory that I could taste.

I've asked my friends about it, in the form of "doesn't this ever happen to you?" But they just laugh and look at me like I'm pulling their leg.

I don't know how else to explain this. Buts it's starting to freak me out, and not many things can freak me out. It's always happened to me, buts it's escalated over the past 2 years.

That is my story, as confusing as it is. I apologize I can't make it more clear. It's unclear to me, too.

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