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Story 1: Photographic Memory


I have photographic memory. I can tell a person exactly where to find an item, if it has not been moved since I last saw it. That's seems to be the normal part of it. The part I find odd and a little exciting is that I can rewind back almost 2 full days to locate something I'm looking for. Yesterday is very clear, minus the little things that I deemed unimportant and subsequently did not commit to long term memory. The day before is a little hazy but with concentration I can still replay most of it. I feel like I'm watching a movie in 1st person. I can adjust the speed of the images too, as in slow it down when I want to "re-live" a moment as it happened, and then fast forward or rewind at speed. I've been told my eyes move rapidly, which also occurs when I'm thinking of a quick solution to a problem. I overheard an old boss of mine once, telling the person next to them that my eyes looked "scary" because they were moving so rapidly. I always look down 1st and get a glazed over look to my eyes (which are kind of weird too, in color and the effect they seem to have the closer I am to peolple.that's a whole other story though)...anyway that's 1 small piece of my own personal mystery. Anyone else out there suddenly realize that they could do this? I never studied anything, just kind of started happening one day. All feedback is welcome, I have so many questions, regarding many things aswell. I will try my best to post in the provided categories. This will take time as, I just discovered this site a few minutes ago. I would like to hear about your experiences, and thoughts on the matter.

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Cfreewill360 (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-22)
I never thought of this as anything more than a photographic memory, interesting. I have such vivid memories, some that I don't like. I can rewind, close my eyes & picture exactly where things were & this can even recall exact conversations. However, like you were saying, that is only if I was paying attention to what was being said or that particular topic. On this topic though the Dejavu experience happens to me way too often, like I had already been here and done this.

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