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Is Early Memory A Psychic Gift?


I know early memory doesn't sound psychic but hear me out first. I have a very early memory it's like I remember everything from when I was a baby my first steps me getting brave enough to stand up with tables or help but, before I could stand and crawl my early early years was different.

I was watching myself for a long time as a baby before I could stand and crawl I used to just think it was dreams but my older siblings remember the stuff I remember like when I was crying in the middle of night in my crib my older brother and sister came and checked on me talked to me and then my mom came in. I was watching it all from above me crying them coming in and my mom soon after. I was conscious thinking but not in words it's like it was all one big video until I started standed crawling then it switched to my own eyes. Or me in my baby seat watching myself watching my siblings watching cartoons etc.

It gets weirder because me watching myself wasn't my first memories. The first thing I remember was calm and darkness like pitch black but I was comfortable cozy and fuzzy it's hard to explain. But I don't know how long it was it seemed like a long time almost that's all I was at the time was a consciousness didn't even try to mover didn't even think in that manner I was just a feeling is the closest thin I could think of something describing it.

I wonder constantly if I am a psychic or something similar and if I am a psychic or just have certain gifts could it be passed to my child? I ask that because she is 4 now and very bright and is bringing up stuff from when she was just a newborn like my big red truck I got rid of a month after she was born and singing the songs I haven't sung to her since I cradle her to sleep etc.

I have always had a sharp memory still do it's frustrating it's like everything was just yesterday all the time. Many more experiences to share this is just one of many and look forward to any information or theories into this thanks.

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