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The Lady In Our House


This happened to my sister many years ago. She had been married for approximately two years. Her first child (a daughter) was six months old and they had just purchased a 3 bedroom/one bathroom house.

There was nothing scary about this house.

Soon after moving in they made a small adjustment. The dining room wall was removed so that the dining room and living room became an open area. The door leading into the living room was replaced by a "concertina door". This door was made of a very strong material. If you wanted it to move even slightly, you would have to kick it very hard.

The residents of the house behind had a large dog who often jumped over the wall, pushed the big dirtbin over and then scrounged for food. Once the dog had returned to his own yard, my sister or her husband would have to throw everything back into the dirtbin. This was annoying but they kept quiet as they wanted to remain on good terms with their neighbours.

At 5:30 one ice cold June morning, my sister greeted her husband when he left for work. Then she locked the kitchen door and darted back to her warm bed. Knowing the domestic would knock at 7:00, my sister would sleep until the domestic arrived.

At about 6:00 my sister woke up to what sounded like a dirtbin being pushed over. The thought of being woken up by the neighbour's dog and having to clean up around the bin made her angry.

Reluctantly she walked to the kitchen and noticed the small bin in the kitchen had toppled over, the contents spilled on the floor. The bin outside was still standing.

The toppled bin in the kitchen made no sense as all windows and doors were tightly shut, there was no animal inside her house and the baby in the cot was fast asleep. Being half asleep my sister decided to leave the cleaning up of the spilled contents to the domestic and she promptly made her way back towards her bedroom.

As she left the kitchen she entered the passage. Suddenly something or someone started to kick violently against the closed "concertina door". It was as if someone was standing in the living room while kicking against the door.

My sister bolted to her daughter's room but did not shut the door. Unsure what to do next, she peeped down the passage, expecting a burglar to slide the unlocked "concertina door" open and make his way to the bedroom. The front door was locked and the security gate outside the front door was also locked, so it was near impossible for someone to gain entry.

A few minutes later my father unexpectedly arrived to drop something off. A very relieved sister hurriedly grabbed her baby, pulled the kitchen door closed and left the house with my father (in her pajamas!). My father drove them back to his house down the road. There she told my parents about her experience. They all agreed that the house was haunted.

At about 8:30 my father drove her and the baby back home. The domestic, who was busy with her chores, had not noticed anything strange, except for the litter on the kitchen floor.

My sister's husband didn't believe in ghosts and told her that she must have fallen asleep and had a nightmare. A few days later he was alone at home when what looked like a ball of fire the size of a soccer ball followed him from the living room, down the passage and into his bedroom. He ran outside and sat on a garden chair until my sister arrived home.

They made some inquiries and were told that a woman (one of the previous owners) had taken her life in the living room.

A few months later my brother had to sleep over for a few nights in the spare room. His blankets were pulled from him and he would hear the sound of breathing close to his face.

I've fortunately never experienced anything like that and hopefully I never will!

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letitgo78 (7 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-21)
Roaming souls. Lol. That's dumb. Anytime and I say anytime you experience the paranormal, it's not a human soul or a ghost. When a person dies they are no longer conscience and have no activity. Demons have fooled humans for years making them believe this foolery. They use your emotions against you as know that this will work on a lot of people almost everytime. I have dealt with these things for years now and can tell you that I my ex girlfriend was tricked into believing it was her dead grandmother. Until we asked it some questions and then then things get interesting. She found out that it indeed wasn't her grandmother.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-11)
When roaming souls linger there can be unfinished business or a fear of suffering hell or after life.

You search this site for info re dealing with shadow people. Look for words: diacarnate, ghosts by typing at top at corner.

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