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Why Are My Abilities Weakened At My Parent's House?


Over the summer break it might be because I haven't really been doing much, mostly the same things and I'm not around to really help others except for my parents, that and one of them I feel them so negatively, and don't get along with them. But while in university its developed a lot, like my dreams coming true especially the ones with my twin flame. I'm mostly clairaudient and clairsentient, but the only clairvoyance I've had is shadows, and I saw someone in a white cloak and was very bright, right behind a lady at my parents church which has never happened, also as a kid I used to see shadow people but I tried stopping myself and blocking everything since my parents thought I was just imagining things, even as a kid I wouldn't scream to them if I saw stuff like that because I thought it would make it worse by having fear as a child, so I would ignore it. Now I only have seen two spirits in dreams, and my grandma. But while at my house I only get lucid dreams, and can barely see auras while I'm there, I still get numbers though. Without my family around I can be myself and get relaxed, less stress is with me while at college. I've been happy even with my parents around, though maybe I could be hiding myself still. While I was with my family at my aunts house last month I finally started to feel things again even though it was painful, it was a new house my aunt moved into but right when I got in I got the worst headache I thought I was going to pass out, my ears were hot, the middle of my forehead felt like breaking or splitting, my eyes were hurting, when we left out the door it immediately stopped. Why at my parents house everything is mellowed down? Once and a while I will see flashes but not as much as I used to

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Jai97852 (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-19)
interesting, if you want a place where you can find other non humans with powers, come here

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