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Am I Psychic Or Is It Coincidence?


Frequently I will think of somebody or see their face in my mind before something bad or tragic happens to them.

I just feel their name or face pulled into my mind with urgency. For example, one morning I woke up and felt a strong need to call an aunt of mine to see if she was okay. I do not have a strong relationship with her, in fact I had to ask my mom for her number. When I called she did not answer, about one hour later she called me back. She asked what I had called about and I told her that I felt the need to make sure she was okay. As it turns out she hadn't answered the first call because she had been in an a car accident moments before and was waiting for medical attention and was on the phone with me from the hospital. On another occasion I felt a name and face of a guy I had met once in my life (6 or 7 years prior) urgently come into my mind. I brought him up to my brother and asked what had happened to him. Less then 48 hours later my brother came to tell me he was shot and died in hospital hours after early that morning. On another occasion I was visiting family and upon walking through the door I saw my cousin and walked directly passed everybody and put my hands on her stomach. I hadn't acknowledged anybody I just felt a pull so strong I couldn't resist the urge to do it. Weeks later we found out that she had been pregnant and since miscarried. I don't know what it is when it is happening. I don't have a name or explanation for it. I can't control it. I also never know what's going to happen. I just see a name and a face or a pull.

Similar things happen often and I would just like to know why or what it is exactly causing it.

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Cfreewill360 (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-22)
I am also unsure of if things are just coincidence or if I may have psychic tendencies... I would like to know, some days are normal, actually most are, but sometimes I have feelings and my intuition is correct. Other times I have dreams and parts of them are true. Or I feel a presence, or see something. Being in the medical profession I tend to believe that I may be overthinking things or that assuming I have psychic tendencies would make me crazy.:- (I am kind of looking for direction here... My concern is that if my good dreams are sometimes real doesn't that mean that my bad ones could be too?
Mangos30 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-14)
One time can be written off as a coincidence. Several times is a gift.

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