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Am I Psychic Or Is It Just A Coincidence?


Lately I've been more keen to realizing that I have a knack of predicting things. And just today it has gotten extremely specific. But I can only predict bad things that can happen to myself. I'm not going to explain every detail that happened to me that I predicted, I'll just do one from awhile ago and a recent one.

Back in July, I was able to predict that my boyfriend cheated on me, (I know, ouch). It's slightly vague, but I was still surprised at my prediction. I also guessed the girl that he hooked up with. I want to know if that means anything.

And just today, in September, I had a dream about my school play. I was going for the lead role and I was quite confident that I would get the part. But the day before the cast list came out, I had a dream that a different girl would get the part I wanted and I would have a small part that I would be upset about. Sure enough, today that exact girl got the part I wanted and I got a part that I was upset about.

These could mean anything, it could be my emotions, a coincidence, or maybe a real psychic intuitive? I'd really appreciate if someone could help me out! I'm only a teen and I'd really like to understand what I have (given that I have something). Thanks!

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