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Coincidences Or A Gift With Water?


I'm a 21yr old girl to start this off. I've been having odd coincidences happening since I was younger but I never really believed in them until about a year ago. I've had dreams of scenarios which eould happen. As well as times I would say something and then it would happen.

Just this Sunday I verbally said "I wish it we would get a bad thunderstorm," and we had a bad storm with hail and a tornado roll in that afternoon which knocked out the power at my work. This morning I had verbally said "I hope the power is still out so we can clean the department," and the power has gone out twice today. I notice most of the time it happens specifically referring to weather and rain. This happens incredibly often where I think of something I would like to happen and it usually does. Usually when I'm wanting a storm to happen.

I've also had odd moments when I would swim and I should've drowned yet I was somehow breathing while still underwater. I have at least three different experiences I clearly remember where I should've drowned yet I was breathing fine underwater and swimming for numerous minutes under the water before coming up to take a breath and I would just breath as if I had been at the surface the entire time. I can't control when this happens and can't successfully recreate these events if I actively try.

I've even had times where I've repelled dangerous animals in the water. My family and I were snorkling at a reef and we had a white tip reef shark seimming near us. I was seperated from my family and the shark kept swimming very close to them but if it came within a certain distance of me it would violently turn away from me. Then I have a friend whom has a twin brother that every time they go to the beach he gets stung by jellyfish. The only time he isn't stung is when I am with them.

My friends are convinced I am a water witch who has no control over their power but I'm not entirely convinced on the front of being a witch. At the very least I seem to have an affinity with water but I can't tell if this is just coincidence or if I have powers.

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