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Is This My Abilities Getting Stronger? (eyes, Blood, Gifts)


I'm not sure where to start with this but I'll start with some back story. I have always known that I have psychic/medium abilities and so has my family. Special abilities run in my family. I had an ancestor who was killed in the salem witch trials. The strongest abilities in the family have always lied with my aunt, until me. My aunt used to have extraordinary gifts until she fell down an evil path and lost them all. My aunts says that she thinks my abilities will be stronger than hers were, which is a little frightening.

Recently some weird things have been happening and I think it may be related my increasing abilities. Also, a woman came up to my mom in the store and starting tell her about our family and she was saying things that no one else would have known. She then started telling her things about me. She said that I would have amazing will power and all I had to do was speak and that what I said would happen, she said I would have telekinesis, and a couple other things. I've been having dreams that feel more like memories, but I often switch perspectives within the dream. I have been saying some small things will happen or willing them to happen and they do but nothing big. I lit a candle and (for some reason I love fire) I was staring at the fire and I thought I would try to make it move. I thought about the flame calming down and being still, and it did. Then I thought about it being wild and it immediately started flickering. Recently I've been walking past things and they start shaking or moving in some way so I test it and jump right next to it and it doesn't move. I've been able to feel other people's emotions, sometimes even as if they are my own. I always get deja vu. I've felt and seen presences. I've had premonitions, some about little things and some pretty big things, including my cousin's miscarriage. I've been getting sudden burst of energy that makes me feel restless and they last for some time (I'm perfectly healthy by the way it's not a mental thing). And I've always had good intuition. I meditate sometimes and I always see interesting things like detailed faces in a slideshow like format, but they aren't frightening, more comforting. The thing that's been happing that freaks me out the most are my eyes and nose bleeds. I have brown eyes but recently for short periods of time they will either turn a green color or an auburn red. I think they fluctuate with my emotion as far as I can tell, that's what my mom thinks too. Next, I have been getting bloody noses extremely often, but I have no medical conditions. I don't have high blood pressure or dry nostrils or anything. I'm not if it's related or not but I can't think of any other explanations.

I know I'm forgetting something but this will do. Does anyone have any advice or anything to help me or know what's going on?

Sorry this is so long. Thank you for reading and any advice you may have is much appreciated.

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Lyro (468 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-05)
Everyone wants people to E-mail them, that's one of the problems with site, you don't really have a message box or any way to know when things are seen/commented on without checking back yourself. It's why I have people E-mail me, I'll miss a comment then feel bad that I didn't see it if someone was trying to talk to me. Maybe AnneV will notice this and have something implemented one day;)
~ Lyro
MeadowDawn (1 stories) (11 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-25)
Hello Lilliannaskye! After reading your story, I can relate to many aspects of it. While I don't have a family who understands my abilities, I do know what it's like to go through what you're going through right now. I would love to talk more through email perhaps?:) I think we could help each other out.

Jai97852 (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-19)
come join the non human sanctuary, you may find people with a greater version or understanding of your powers,
Talcha (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-10)
Hello everyone my name is Talcha, I want to tell my story of my spiritual awakening. So I was on the journey of healing past traumas and just I was doing so much research I had started kind of isolating more in the last two years and just doing more research and it was branching off from one subject to the other I was on a quest to learn how to "" fix myself so I came upon the article and videos about the third eye awakening and the third I am meditation I randomly was like I'm going to do this, I'm going to try this right now I didn't know exactly what to think of it I just thought I would lay down afterwards feel super relaxed and somewhat healed. There is no such thing in my mind of what to expect or know that this was an actual real experience that could be so intense I just do not know. So I lay down in my bed and I'm shutting my eyes and I have no judgments against myself or anyone else or how anyone else judges me, all the sudden I saw this I open and close open close and it was so angelic, The next thing that I saw was a puff of smoke that first was dark blue then turned into tons of dark purple I kept laying there I then saw the pyramids with a man in a black cloak have no idea the next thing I saw was myself as a child and the stars looking up the next thing I saw was me whisking around like 150 miles this purple earth type of thing, the next thing that happened was the most crazy thing and I can't anyone that have experience something like it and I'm just going to see if anyone has experience it I all the sudden saw an eye again, but then it started to form an outline and it was a Face of me looking at me, it was not an out of body experience I was in my body she was maybe a foot in front of my face transparent silvery blue just staring at me but it was me it looked exactly like me only a mirage of sorts, just floating in front of my face, no expression- just starring at me "gentle" if that makes any sense. I It freaked me out because I didn't understand why that happened I jumped up and I want to I was shaking I was having so much feeling of love like this overwhelming feeling of love went to the restroom because I was very shaky and disoriented, I wash my face off with cold water I look in the mirror and I see an imprint of an actual eye between my eyebrows and it freaked me out. Since then I can't tell you how many things have happened it's been about eight months I've isolated myself to the point where I'm OK being alone 24 seven and one hour feels like one second I have been hearing voices chatter heard she's getting it, I have been able to turn myself all the way purple in the mirror like an avatar. I have seen one orb since then I've had crazy lucid dreams that I feel like I'm there and I'm pretty alone and I'm sure those are things I missing but however I would like to get some input I have gone to a lot of places, I've been told I have a shaman but the face that I saw apparently that was my soul essence that I was singing and the guy that was imprinted into my four head it dissipated but every time I do meditate it does come back I can't find much about that anywhere I mean I know there are people that say they're going to a special awakening however that is not one of the things that is, it seems things that are happening to me I'm they don't seem very common. Also I saw my girlfriends grandmother after she passed away a few days later and it's terrifying to me so I would just like to get some input here I would
Ang3l (25 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-20)

You mentioned you can move things. If you don't mind, you can email me in my profile and we can discuss that ability more.

Gabbie (55 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-19)
Hello there:)

I can see where you're coming from. Carrying such history and experiencing the spiritual on a daily basis, and at such a young age (i'm assuming so due to what the site says - the author is a teenager-) sure is a lot and it's admirable how maturely you are able to handle the information you have at hand as well as what you don't know.

Generally, when it comes to the spiritual and abilities, the things you can know are so vast, as well as the way you can use it for you and the people around you.

I would love to get to know more about you and exchange knowledge and experiences with each other. As well as, helping you wield your energy so that you won't harm yourself.

Please feel free to email me, my email is up on my profile.

Take care sweet
Lyro (468 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-15)
First off, I'm glad you have a family that understands and has been able to introduce you to all of this at an earlier age. Most don't, and have a really hard time getting introduced into any of this in the first place. From what it seems, I think it's easier to pass on abilities down from the female side of families, I believe that's part of what spawned the whole Salem witch trials and looking for women in the first place, to try and keep "witch" abilities from spreading. As far as people losing powers, I don't really believe it works that way. You can create a mental block on yourself and your powers will slip away due to that, but they aren't really gone, they are a part of you. As far as the things happening, that's not really surprising. We can do a lot with our energy, and cause things to happen around us. Emotion seems to be a big key in that as well. If you have a spike in emotions, it'll cause a spike in energy which can affect things around you too. So first step would be to be careful not to have spikes in emotions, try to keep yourself calm. Emotions aren't bad, but spikes in emotion can cause things to happen that aren't really intended. Going on about the different abilities, that's a little too much to cover in a comment here so I'll move on to the next bit:) As far as nose bleeds, I never had one, but perhaps with so much changing, your body still needs time to adapt to all the changes as well. I know when people first start in all of this they often times get killer headaches, and as their bodies adapt, those headaches fade away.

If you would like to send me an E-mail I can respond and talk more about what I know/have experienced, and maybe can answer some more questions. I don't come to this site very often, just stop by now and then to see if anything catches my eye.
~ Lyro

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