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Wierd Visions


Last year while living in england I had some really strange visions and I would like some feedback as to what it means. I was putting my son to sleep one night and as I leaned in to kiss him it was like he face was a black hole I was being struck by. I felt like I was falling. He face features completly changed for a split second and then changed back to normal it took me a long time to fall asleep that night. Also one day as I was in the celler I saw my dead father, the devil, some miners from the olden days, something that looked like cupid and some other ghost whose face kept taking different forms which creeped me out. I was living on my own at that time and it really scared me. I would wake up at night and hear a loud bang and then when id go downstairs I saw like a white corpse female body with jet black eyes lying on my freezer looking at me. I also heard constantly "im a tsarina" being said repeatedly for about 25 to 35 minutes. I also saw a couple of time a young woman with a hooded cape and the face blackened out standing in the corner of the kitchen. I play poker some times and one night as I was playing on my own I saw a clown point at me and touch my nose. I also saw dancing ladies in black and white dancing in a circle above my head as I was trying to fall asleep. Can someone help and tell me what happened to me or why this thing happens. I never believed in the after life or anything before but I do now. I was really sock I thought I was dying and I couldn't move in the bathroom of that house I was curled up in pain in my chest area. When I opened my eyes I could see my dead friend holding a baby girl in his arms smiling at me he was with my dad. I could also see my friend laid out in his coffin. (I was never at his funeral). Thank you for reading my story

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