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I Saw Orbs/ Fog People?


It's been a while. Every thing went back to normal after the event, which I've described in my first story. Then, something happened a few weeks ago. I had all but forgotten about it but, something reminded me of it again and I've been really curious. It was not a trick of the eyes. And I don't have any mental or physical condition. What happened is, one night, I just decided to sit in the front yard of the house, before going to bed. There are bikes and scooters parked in the yard, we also have a well. A bike is always parked right next to the well. So, I had just opened the house door and had just set a foot out. I raised my head, the well and the bike are to my left. I just raised my head, while turning to the left and right there, it seemed like a person, a very foggy person was crouching kind of in front of the bike with their back to me. Now, it was not a real person because the house we live in is fenced. There are walls around it and the only way to enter is using the main gate, which makes a loud noise when you open it. And there had been no such noise. Also, the person was not a real person because the head looked like a head but with gas coming out of it. Even the body wasn't a complete body, it was just gas or fog. It happened in seconds really. As soon as I had stepped out and seen it, it vanished, it just vanished. I just shook my head, pushed it to the back of my mind and just went back inside. Needless to say, that my plan was foiled. I just went in and slept it off. I thought what on earth was that? It was definitely not a trick of the eyes. The fog person was there. Still, I tried to ignore it. I was successful at ignoring it until the next day.

Well, what happened the next day is, I saw something again. Similar to the night before, but much smaller and somewhat different. I was cleaning the dishes when suddenly, I saw something right next to me. It seemed like a little orb with a body. Like it was tiny really. It would fit in the palm of your hands. It looked the same as the one I saw the night before but it felt more child like. I just turned to it and it felt like we made eye contact. I could tell it was staring at me, even though there were no facial features. The little thing and I stared at each other for quite some time before it actually seemed to jump and run. We have a filter on the counter with the sink. It's very close to the sink. The little fog just jumped, turned and went behind the filter. Before, I saw it though, I kept seeing movements from my peripheral vision. There was no one in the room but me. I thought it must be the lights until I saw it. After it went behind the filter, I actually did check if there was any thing behind it. There was nothing. I just shook my head and continued working. I had forgotten about them, but then for some reason, I remembered, I especially remember the little fog.

The first fog felt like a grown up. When it vanished I actually felt like it turned back and said,"Oh you're out. Need to go now.". That's why I was shaking my head. The voice was in my head. The little fog felt as though it was just a child, playful and curious.When, I saw it and we stared and it jumped and vanished behind the filter, I literally heard,"Eeeep! You saw me! Oh no!You're not supposed to see us right now! I have to go now!". I don't know how to say it, but, I heard and felt the voices. I for some reason don't wish to see the bigger fog person, but, I wish to see the smaller one again. I feel fond of it after only seeing it once. It felt playful. Maybe that's why?

What I want to ask is, what were they, where did the voices come from? Again, I have no medical condition. Perfectly healthy. So, can anyone help me understand? They were there that day. I know. As I said, we stared at each other. Happened quick, but not so quick. What were they? How did I hear the voices? I haven't seen them since then. They've not made another appearance but, I'd like to know about them. So, if anyone can help, that'd be great.


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CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-24)
Hey Sunny,
About protection, I used to do that a lot some time ago, both consciously and unconsciously. There was a time when a shield had appeared out of nowhere, that just seemed to be there constantly. I don't know whether I developed it or someone placed it. I used to make another layer of shield inside it, around me, when I just wanted extra protection. Before that, I used to do it, when I felt like I needed to. Sometimes, I'd make a shield everyday. Just cause I wanted to work on it and there was the benefit of protection.

About protecting yourself, you can do what I used to do. Just imagine a white light spreading around you and engulfing you or anything or anyone else that you wish to protect. The thing is, you gotta have faith in it. You'll need to believe that the shield will protect you and your motive needs to be protection and love I guess. That strengthens it I believe. You can just imagine your energy or good energy just developing a dome shaped cover around you and believe in it. That should work.
AuntSunny (1 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-24)
Hi CrazyCat!

Hope you are well. I understand what you mean though about it being in your head but it's not your own conscious thought. That's how I communicate as well. Like I said in my other comment, trust your intuition. If you say things are too dangerous then definitely stick with that. How do you go about protecting yourself? Do you do it constantly all day? Or just when you feel you need to? Asking for advice on those last couple as well. God bless ❤️
CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-23)
Hey AuntSunny, thanks for replying. In the first story, I'd say it was more like being commanded and I followed. I can't tell where they are coming from in the physical world, they were just there. I don't know how to say it, it's like when you get a thought. You can't really hear a voice, but you know there was one and that it's not a thought. I just followed it that day.

For the fog guys, I have not seen them since. They're well hidden. Also, I don't really remember much about the encounter anymore. I don't try to engage with them unless, they want to. Maybe, I'll be able to contact them in the future. With how I am right now, it'll be too dangerous for everyone involved if I were to try to establish a connection. Thanks for the reply though. When things settle down, I'll follow your suggestion, right now it's just a bit dangerous. Thanks again for replying.
AuntSunny (1 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-23)
Hi CrazyCat

You answered on one of my stories so I saw it only fit to answer yours. After reading both of your stories I'd have to say I'm quite intrigued. In your first story, did you hear those voices telling you to help your friend in your head as well? I have the same gift, I'm able to communicate with beings in my head. It's an odd gift though, because (if you're like me) you can specifically pinpoint where the voice is coming from in the physical world, yet it's in your head. Sounds as if you were seeing ghosts, entities, people, whatever you'd like to call them. And yes, I believe your intuition is right about one being a child and the other not. Always trust those feelings, they're right almost always. Perhaps, the reason you prefer the child appearance is because of his utter goodness in him. Children are pure, very high vibrational beings because of how good they are. There's no telling what the other one had done in his life, not saying he was bad per se but perhaps just not as innocent. And who knows, maybe the older one died in a horrific way and that traumatic residue was left with him. There's no real way of knowing why we feel things off of entities, just trust it. If you would like to talk to the boy, perhaps you should try. When you have some time to yourself, sit down somewhere relaxing, close your eyes, and just let your mind drift. Call out to him if you like. Attempting to establish conversation on your terms is going to be difficult though. At first, you might hear a voice and it sound very muted, muffled almost. That's when you need to concentrate on their voice, try and pick out what they're saying. Eventually it will come through clear and that's when the fun starts. Just remember to be on guard just in case something bad notices you are there and tries to latch on to you (like what happened with me). You'll feel it if it comes, trust me. God bless ❤
Joey4213 (1 stories) (19 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-25)
Hi I don't know if you really remember me we talked over email but um we need to talk about something important

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