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Black Crow And Orbs


I recently moved into a new place for a sublet in Los Angeles. The way I found this place was very amazing, I had read their ad and responded and went to the beach and came past a jellyfish washed up on the edge. It was the biggest jellyfish Id ever seen. So I quickly went to look up the spiritual totem meaning of jellyfish and It mentioned having faith and letting natural flow guide you. As I was in the middle of reading this story the people who had the rental called me! I was so excited about these two things happening at the same time.

I was planning on moving in August 1, but due to life circumstances I had to change it to September 1. I moved in and the first night here my friend who helped me move said he had a weird feeling about the guy who I am renting from. I had had the same type of feeling myself, but knew I could stand my ground and would just not engage much with him. The first night I slept in the bed I was tossing and turning and kept being told by guidance I need to sage it. I didn't know where my sage was so I slept a few more days without doing so, and finally found my sheets (still no sage) made the borrowed bed 'mine'. I usually dislike sleeping in other peoples beds, since they hold so much energy. The first night I was in "my" bed I was reading 'Initiation' by Elisabeth Hatch and I got this flash of a snuggle with a woman (me) almost a rape scene, or a strangling or something along those lines, on the side of the bed. I quickly asked intuition what this meant and I was told to not let anyone in here at all. Keep it strictly mine. So I agreed with the guides and went about my night.

The next day I saw almost what I would presume was a mouse, but it was like an orb the size of a mouse when I walked in the gate to come into the house. It was on the steps and quickly disappeared. I kind of blew it off and went about my day. I found my sage and cleaned the room and myself and felt much better about things. I have been feeling slightly depressed but I chalked it off to the new move and have been going with the flow.

Today I was leaving the house to go to the park with my dog and there was a huge black crow standing in the middle of the street not moving really, and wouldn't look at me. Didn't seem bothered by my dog either. It moved around on the ground did not fly. Its feathers were so slick black, it looked very healthy and hardy. I immediately felt fearful knowing crows can sometimes mean bad lucky or bad omen. I went to my trusty totem site and was told that crows symbolize using your gifts that you haven't used yet. I had been reading about Theta Healing and thought it was a nice reminder to keep looking into that and went about my day. We went to the park and on the way back I stopped to get gas and saw the exact mouse size orb again! This time I got really freaked out knowing I just saw the crow... Went to CVS did some shopping and came home. While getting out of the car I saw my mace and had a feeling to take it inside with me (I didn't) and came back into the house.

I got a feeling to start looking up the meaning of the orbs and only really came up with shadow people and how its harmless. Then I decided to do what my shaman teacher taught me to do and sit with my hands on my stomach and ask. I was immediacy told I need to get out of this place or something bad will happen. I have NO way to move right now at all, my job I came here for isn't starting for another month and I am broke. I then asked again and they told me to be out by the time the new neighbors move in. I looked up their info and the house was on the market and sold within a few days, 200k above asking price. I can't find out who bought it online, and I am unsure if it would matter.

My question is this:

What type of work or protection can I do to help myself while I save money to be able to move out of here? What does this story mean to you when you read it? Any insight will help me so much.

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layschips98 (21 posts)
4 years ago (2020-12-08)
Im not going to lie I felt that as well reading the beginning of your text there's something very off about that place, perhaps there's a portal inside that place that is subject to all sorts of negative energies PLURAL. Stay with a friend or motel I advise. Even wearing protection doesn't do much if that place has a portal in it.

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