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Black Robe/hooded Figure


I know this isn't a dream site but my recent experiences I can only describe as psychic. Preceding my experience for about a week or two I've had a series of dreams of hooded figures and prior to those, firstly, I want to recall something: weeks ago a person I went to school with had randomly crossed my mind. Since then I couldn't get her off my mind, and she wasn't even an acquaintance or someone I knew closely or personally. She was just someone I would see around, a popular girl at school. I never kept in touch with her, not even on social media. Well recently on the news she'd popped up as someone missing. The public and news believes foul play is involved. I'm afraid to tell anyone about my precognition because of the sensitivity of the issue. I have visions of her surrounded by water and flecks of black dirt or pieces of floating bark. When I think of her, I feel strangulation like hands around my neck. I try to block it and avoid it. Since then for a few nights I have had dreams of black hooded figures. Then last night I woke up, fully awake - and saw a black hooded figure in the darkest corner of the room, it looked like it was holding a dim candle - like in a ritual, almost like an acolyte in mass. Like it decided to manifest itself physically. I said to it in my mind, "Yeah - that's all you CAN do." Then it disappeared. She's still missing. This is happening on the other side of the US, and this random connection has frightened me. Is it just coincidence? I don't sleep much as I have an infant who keeps me awake sometimes. I know what I saw.

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Vespa (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-10)
Hi mothermae:

You can always call in an anonymous tip. The jurisdiction in which she went missing probably has a local hotline or Crimestoppers number where you can leave an anonymous message. Word of advice: don't indicate in any way that it's an intuitive tip. Just say that you "have it on reliable authority" (wink) that your friend's body may be in a local body of water. Perhaps research the area to find nearby bodies of water and see if any of them jump out at you before you call so you can be more specific. It's all you can do - law enforcement may or may not follow up - but you can rest easier knowing you've done what you can, and perhaps you can help your friend. Knowing things without being able to say exactly how you know them is a tough road. You can only do your best. Good luck. I hope they find your friend.
SpiritGuide208 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-03)
In your vision, you say you can see her... Do you recognize the location at all? It could be that she is trying to project herself to someone for help and you may have been the one to intercept it. Nonetheless, this vision came to you and you've been seeing these cloaked people. You are meant to help her in some way... It is one of your souls missions. We do not perceive things, feel or see things for no reason. Sit quietly and focus your energy on her, and then ask in your mind or out loud, how can you help her? You should receive an answer or sign. Here is my email if I can be of any further help to you. Best of luck. Laurissalinn [at]

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