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My Experiences And What To Do?


Where to begin? My first psychic experience was when I was about 10. I had used telekinesis but didn't realize it at the time. I had made a flag pole hit another student. The way it was positioned should have not made it possible for it to happen but it did. I forgot about this ability.

When I was about 12-13 I had started to get interested in psychic abilities. So I started meditating. It helped me relax. But the thing is I have something called Aphantasia, which means I can not voluntarily see images in my minds eye. So I can't see images if I try to visualize it but I can still have dreams when I'm asleep. So when I first started to meditate it would just be darkness I see no images, its more thoughts than pictures. With the aphantasia I do not experience daydreams fully with all five senses. I'm lucky just to see a color now and then. So when I started meditating I did start to see images but it was more just a speck or small section of my minds eye not like a full view. I would just see random images, it did get to where I started to see stuff where it happened later on. It would be something I would see on tv or read. Then one day I saw a murder. I didn't know when it would happen or how to stop it. I didn't find out until months later that it actually happened. This scared me so I stopped meditating for a while. So I focused on trying to develop other abilities. During this time I started to hear spirits, and see orbs. The hearing spirits would be when I'm alone they would be footsteps and things creaking and bangs. I wasn't afraid. Id occasionally see orbs. When I would wake up from sleeping I could see orbs but after fully waking up I couldn't see them. I also had empathy, I could send thoughts to people and a couple other things I don't remember off the top of my head.

When I started becoming aware of my abilities it made me question god and why I can do these things when I was taught that its something that the devil does and that I'm possessed or something. That my abilities are evil. I believed my abilities came from god it was during this time that my experiences took a turn to the worst when I renounced my belief in god. I had attracted a demon and was being haunted. My abilities to hear and see spirits made being haunted terrifying. I started to see shadows and I even heard hell. The screams and the sounds I can't even describe it. There's no words for it. I saw a shadow man with a top hat. I hated being alone. I couldn't stand the quiet because I would hear the sounds. I became terrified of everything. I told my parents about it and they thought I was crazy I was sent to see a shrink and put on medication for schizophrenia I was recently able to get off the medication on my own.

Now I want to be able to use my abilities without being terrified.

What do I do?

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Onijinn (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-03)
No abilities are evil, just the intentions of people.
One way to be able to use your "abilities" is by stopping to link them with your belief in God. Do not associate religion with them.

When you keep bringing religion to every aspect of your life you also keep bringing the chains that those beliefs carry, so if you BELIEVE the something came from God or is somehow connected to the Devil you bring those bad/good situations to yourself.

As for your feelings of being inadequate of "being protected" either work on being able to protect yourself-as it should be everyone's aim-or get in your head that your god is said to "love everyone equally", so based on that even if someone of your faith were to renounce him he would still love them enough to protect them.

[at] Storm5 You are born with abilities of your past lives or you conquer your abilities. Nothing is given.
And having this belief that God is the one responsible for the abilities you have is the same as giving someone else all the credits of your works as well as control over your life. What happen's to people is due to their own choices and the choices of those around them.
Storm5 (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-27)
Dont worry about using your abilities because god is the one who gave them to you, to test your faith in him I'm only 14 and things are fine but that's because I keep my trust in god. As long as you have faith you have no need to fear. Also the screams of hell is just the devil trying to lead you down a wrong path or trying to stop you
bfreelovemore222 (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-22)
Raven... I understand. But more importantly, God understands. It's all about redemption, and likewise, forgiveness. From your heart, He already knows. It brings great joy to be known, and you will not be abandoned in your time of need... And healing...
bfreelovemore222 (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-22)
I am thinking of another experience that might be helpful to hear since it backs up my claim that God is your protection... One night I was sitting in our comfortable chair in the living room. I was sitting alone in silent thought. As I sat, a pressure began pushing in on my body. At first, it was subtle, but then continued to press harder and harder into my body's center. I felt the entity. I knew it was external to me. At first, I was trying to ignore it and continued to sit as I was, but soon the pressure on my body became so great that I had to give in. I jumpd up out of the chair and expressed, "Fine! You can have it!" I assumed "it" wanted the chair for itself and wasn't happy I was sitting there. But, as I walked from the chair voices started chattering in my head - my mind. There was so much chattering of voices in my head, and I knew they weren't my thoughts. They were relentless! The voices wouldn't leave me alone and only grew in intensity, much like the pressure that had been building on my chest, making it to feel it could cave I if I had sat there one moment more... I found myself standing at a display shelf in which sat a little old, worn leather pouch that my mother had given me from my grandmother's possessions after she had passed away. In it were small Catholic saint medals, and a very old, beautiful, green emerald cross, which I do not know the history of. At this point, I was at a breaking point for the desire to have peace back in my mind. I knew I was being attacked, and I knew what was in that leather pouch. So, I grabbed it, and I stuck it in my pocket... The most amazing thing happened. The unrelenting voices that wouldn't cease and were only growing in intensity simply stopped. At the very moment that pouch hit my pocket the voices simply stopped and I regained peace in my mind. I was so relieved, happy and amazed at what occurred. It left me with a feeling of triumph.

Right afterward, I had a feeling in me which directed me to walk into my kitchen and go straight to a bible I had sitting on the counter. With no thinking, I went to it and randomly opened the book. The very first words I found myself staring at were, "whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved." from Acts 2:21. Now, how amazingly wonderful and beautiful is that? But, something else occurred after this happened. After I left the kitchen after having read those words, I went back out into the living room to sit down. I sat for a few minutes before hearing the strangest sounds coming from the kitchen. It might be good to mention that I am a single, full-time father, and at this time my son was 5 years old (he's about to turn 12 now), and he was sleeping in the bedroom that we both shared in this house. This house, by the way, which we no longer live in, but had many super-natural and haunting experiences in. Not just me, but my friends and also my ex-wife when she was there sleeping on the couch temporarily before finding a place of her own. Many more stories to share from this one house and the neighboring house which my ex-wife ended up renting and became our neighbor for a short while. Needless to say, we are still close, like family. Point being, there was something very real and troubling with those two houses which affected us all, so it wasn't just me personally that the entities were interested in. The two houses back up against a deep section of woods, and I have had the feeling many nights that "something" lived back there. I experienced sounds of something coming out of those woods and into my backyard. Sounds that, sure - at first I dismissed as being some animal or even birds despite the time of night. But after a while, it became apparent that there was something else. Something unseen. This would be the part of the story where it might seem made up, but I assure you that it is not. The house is in Antioch, pretty much a part of Nashville, Tennessee. The house sits on Mount View Road, and that's as much as I will say... The sounds in the kitchen were some sort of voices. They sounded completely alien, like from out-of-this- world-alien! They were not like the other voices I was hearing. These voices were not in my head! They were coming from around the corner in the kitchen I had just been in reading that passage in the bible, shortly after shoving that little leather pouch that had belonged to my grandmother with the cross in it into my pocket! The voices were very ackward sounding. They seemed to grunt in different pitches back and forth, and the sound of them could be heard moving about. At this point I was quiet and had moved close to the adjacent wall to where the kitchen was on the other side. I could tell there were at least two or three entities moving around and communicating with one another. I stood, still and rather in disbelief. I was frozen actually - not being sure what to even do. Inhad just been in that kitchen and there was nobody in there, and I had not heard Ny sounds of entry into the house. They just suddenly were there. I do not think they knew I was there - but, I could hear their, what seemed to be clumpsy movements the way they sounded. It was like clammering and scuffling about. I was sure that their size was of a short stature. It is hard to say why I felt this. Either I just intuitively felt this was so, or from the sounds I must have concluded it. But, whichever the case, the sounds started to approach the end of the wall I stood behind in the direction of the doorway! I was still frozen in my tracks and didn't move. I looked toward the doorway as the sound got closer to it. I knew the entity moved around the corner, not because I saw it, because I did not - it was INVISIBLE - but because in coming around the corner it actually interacted with my physical environment by knocking over a bookbag I had sitting next to the doorway! At the very moment the bag fell over all the sounds ceased! No more voices. No more scuffling about. Nothing! The bag falling over in synch with the sound of something coming around that corner caused me to take, equally in synch, two giant steps backward toward the hall and bedroom where my son was fast asleep in. I stopped and stood initially petrafied - literally frozen, unable to budge after the reflex movement back when the bag fell. This was the middle of the night, and now, where there had just been all this commotion and "talking", not a single sound was heard. I assumed THEY were as frozen petrified as I was - looking at me looking at them, type thing; except I couldn't see THEM, but I knew they could see ME.

After, probably just a 10 second stare down and a chance for me to catch my breath and composure, I actually felt rather ashamed I had greeted the first real first encounter of this - other kind - with such a fearful reaction. I broke the silence by speaking. "I'm sorry I reacted like that", I told them. I explained that it was just an initial reflex and that I didn't want them to think I was afraid of them. I told them it was okay and while I was formulating more words to say the sound of dead silence to me was deafening to my spirit and I felt very uneasy and a darkness fell over me and all the hairs on the back of my neck literally stood straight up. This was a worse feeling than the haunting dreams I used to have, which were no joke! I decided quickly at this point to move back with precision and broke my frozen stance to retreat back to the bedroom where my son was. He was still sleeping. As soon as I closed the bedroom door I heard them again! I could hear them in the living room now just as I heard them in the kitchen, only they sounded livelier, almost rambunctious! At this point, I concluded that I had no idea what was out there and despite feeling it was perhaps spiritual, I also had no idea! So, I opened the closet and pulled down a rifle I had stored on the top shelf. I loaded it and crouched down inbthe middle of the room listening to the sounds... I have always been attuned to the supernatural, so waking my son up and crashing out through the bedroom window wasn't even a thought. That's funny actually; and, probably just as funny, when thinking back on it, was me grabbing a gun!

I did want to wake my son though... I wish I could have; so, if anything, I could have had validation that the sounds I was hearing were real, but I didn't. I didn't want to scare him.

Somewhere in crouching, listening and waiting, the sounds of mischief from the other room subsided and I crawled in bed and fell asleep alongside my son... I like to think with one eye open, but I was out. Of all the previous experiences we all had in that house, the one place I felt safe in and didn't ever experience any supernatural events in was that bedroom. So, I felt it was a safehaven for us - the panic room, so-to-speak.

Interestingly, I found the sounds the entities made, including their odd language they spoke and their seemingly ackward movements to resemble that of the GOBLINS as portrayed in the 2008 film, Spiderwick Chronicles. That got me really thinking... Goblins?! Now, that was something I never even thought could be remotely real, but then I looked up goblins - in a serious manner, and Wikipedia had an interesting description of all the goblins from myth and folklore to even the possibility that some of those creatures could actually exist. The type that peeked my interest were the ones that said they like to cause mischief in people's homes; thatbthey can make themselves invisible to humans; that they live typically in the woods usually in a mound-type home/nest; and that they really love the taste of MILK. So, yes... The story continues with me leaving milk out for them one night, and the next morning it was gone. Of course, it could have been any animal that drank the milk - but I will never know...

So. I shared this story with you, to help validate my position when I answered your question you asked of us all out here, which is what should you do so you don't have to be in fear when going back down the supernatural road. My answer was to seek back after God. For good and evil are real forces in the world, and He WILL protect you - if you let him. I had thought afterward, about the chain of events that led to the encounter which I had that night, with what I just call goblins now, and I have to wonder... Maybe "something" or someone got angry, because I had resisted, but resisted successfully with God's help. Next thing I knew I had strange invisible goblins running around in my home! 🤔 😊
Raven_Roth (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-22)
[at] bfreelovemore222, In a way, most likely god was my protection. My relationship with god is complicated, I feel I don't deserve gods protection because I turned my back to him, Like I'm not worthy for the protection.
bfreelovemore222 (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-22)
Just one obvious question first... Since the hauntings really started after you renounced God, and you indicate witnessing things of hell afterwards, do you feel that your abandonment of God left you vulnerable to those attacks, and if so, are you drawing close to God again, or no? In my opinion, based on my own experiences, and in reading yours, God is your protection. Do not undervalue this truth. That is what I think you should do, if you aren't already.:)

I know the feeling of being haunted. Haunted in dreams by real evil - real hauntings - and they were terrifying. But that was before my journey with God. Now, if they try again, which from time to time they do try, I have the means for protection, and the ability to cast them far from me.

Good luck to you in your continued journey... ~b

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