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Plausibly Medium? Plausibly Imagination?


My name is Mars. I'm 27 years old and I live in rural Connecticut. My family is super complicated, my mother has been told by mediums and psychics that she is very much sensitive to the other side. I am on the ghost story site as well as the astral voyage site, with stories on both of them. For the longest time, I always assumed I just had a vivid, wild imagination. But now I'm starting to wonder if its... More than that.

For example, my grandfather was dying from stage 4 lung cancer. The night he died, around ten o'clock, my family was going home (except my dad, his son). We each stopped in the room to tell him good night and that we loved him. I walked into the room and I didn't make it very far. I looked up and in my mind's eye, though at the time I was so convinced I was just imagining it, that there was an angel at the head of his bed, my long deceased grandmother, and she was wrapping her arms around him. I turned to my mom and simply said, "We should say goodbye instead of goodnight." And then he passed away at three in the morning. I've been in places where I cannot figure out why I'm unnerved by it, but I am and I can't stay in there very long. A lot of those places are places I actually grew up around and for some reason, I just cannot be alone in certain rooms. Even now, as I type this up, I can see a man in my mind, standing in the doorway of the living room just watching me.

I've had dreams at night of monsters, which I can only assume now, were demonic. When I was little I had the same nightmare every single night about a wolf jumping through my bedroom window and attacking me. Even though there are no wolves around where I live. Also, the dreams stopped once I was moved to a different bedroom in the house.

I know enough that I do not let my mind be open, as I am a very guarded human in general so I almost always have my walls built up in my mind. However, lately, as I am getting more comfortable with myself and after starting Therapy a few years ago, I've started to relax and the visions and such are coming much more frequently. This isn't so much a story as... I'm asking for help. I've always felt like I mix reality and imagination far too much, but now I'm starting to wonder if perhaps, the imagination part is more of a past reality or something. I might be stretching this a little with the idea of past lives, but now I'm starting to wonder if I am... Seeing into my past lives too? And the memories are muddled and mixed up with my current life memories.

So... I don't know if I gave enough information, but I was really hoping someone who is an established medium might be able to help me.

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Ang3l (25 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-20)
You can email me if you like. My email is in my profile.

Seems you got a lot going on, so it's better if we start one by one. From the sound of it, it's nothing to worry about though.
bresys (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-14)
I would really love some insight. I have started to become ridiculously anxious for no reason in my own home and occasionally have irrational bouts of emotions.

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