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Are These Visions Or Imaginations?


I don't really know if it's really a vision or just my imagination. But, there's this weird flashes in my eyes before seeing an image, then disappearing after a few seconds.

The first time I had it was when I was in school. I was sitting under a tree during lunch break, then suddenly I saw a sudden flash (It's a flash of an image or something?) and vision came about my friends that'll surprise visit me. Then, my vision went back to normal. It was really nothing to me. But, it really surprised me when I came home from school and my friends were really there. It was exactly similar to what I've seen earlier that day.

Another one was when I was walking around the house when I saw my mom's teddy bear. I don't know what came to me. I just picked it up and placed it on the table staring at it. Then, the teddy bear fell down on itself. A sudden flash came to me again, and saw someone who fell down with his/her face flat on the floor. Then, I felt nervous. I didn't understood it. But that feeling suddenly took over me. Just a few minutes after, I saw my cousin rushing into us with his clothes covered in blood! He immediately told us that my grandma tripped and hit her head on a rock! (She was immediately brought to the hospital and thankfully nothing serious happened. Despite of her nose dripping with so much blood.)

Last week on Monday, I saw a very terrible vision. It showed me a pile of dead bodies. Then, the next day after that, last Tuesday (GMT+8), I was surprised to hear about the Manchester Arena bombing. Just an hour later, I've heard some news from my mother about a terrorist group attacking the city of Marawi in my country. It was really terrible and I really had wished that I never saw that.

I've been seeing stuffs for the past few years and I really don't know how to deal with this. It sometimes make me scared seeing those random visions.

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Fanci_Pants (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-01)
I know exactly what this is: you're an empath. I am too one & starting having experiences in my teenager years. Now, I'll think of something and I will count down until what I think happens (in 3, 2, 1...). Unfortunately I can't journal what I think because what I think or say happens immediately. For example, it was raining one day last week and I mentioned I needed to move my car before a tree branch fell on it & within two seconds a branch fell in our backyard. Research "empathy tests" & take one. Let me know your results.
gthlvrmx (64 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-30)
Hello kitanalui15,

What you are describing sounds like the gift of clairvoyance (which means "clear seeing", in this case you see the future clearly). It's perfectly normal.

If you'd like, you can do what I have tried that helps me with my visions (I have visions nonstop but they are in my minds eye not outside my physicial eyes most of the time). For 30 minutes a day, allow your visions to come through and write down everything you experience and see through the visions. Even write whatever goes on inside your head. Just let everything out without judgement or criticizing it, let it out and when you are done, clear your energy, ground and center yourself and go on with your day. Write down the date of course so you can look back and see if anything you wrote down happens later in the future. It might become helpful one day.

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