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Are These Psychic Related?


Growing up I have always been quite visual. I can visualize other worlds with me in it sometimes. Lately I noticed something going on that I never thought much before of. Basically sometimes I will visualize events in my head that just somehow come to my mind and next thing I know the same event happens usually 2 minutes but occasionally longer ahead of time.

For example there was this train accident that I saw on the bus one time and suddenly I had a vision of being in the car and the train crashing into the car. Even though I was never in the accident The vision was very detailed. A event more recently in my high school happened where we were cleaning up our room and there was centipedes crawling everywhere. One of my fellow classmates found a spider eating one of them and as soon as he announced it I have been having this really bad vision almost everyday as if I was in the body of the centipede getting eaten. I'm not sure if this has to do with the fact I'm terrified of spiders but its too detailed and it freaks me out everyday which is one of the reasons I have come here.

On another note I tend to have some very extreme empathy as well. When people cough it makes me feel weak and want to gag or I can feel it in my throat. Sometimes I also feel emotions almost exactly as others feel whether I like them or not I can't help it.

Lastly I noticed that I tend to feel the energy of everything around such as people,animals,plants, and objects.

My question is are these Psychic related?

If so what kind of psychic abilities would these be and how can balance them to be more accurate and in my control?

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ritvikshankar (6 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-05)
Hi there,
I liked your post. Its the first time I read a Live example of an Empath. So, with the details you have provided its clear that you are an Empath, which is a good thing. You might want tl try reading the below article;


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