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I Don't Know How To Cope With These Experiences Anymore


My whole life I have been very sensitive to things. What I mean by that is I have seen a lot of shadows, lights, and even people who are there for one second then I blink and they are gone! I hear voices all the time and sometimes I even see animals running around sometimes when my only cat is sitting next to me. Sometimes I have really weird dreams of family members that have passed talking to me. Occasionally I'll see someone when I wake up walking out when my mom is sleeping. I have woken up with bruise marks and scratches and a few times before I feel hands on my neck choking me. I've gotten slapped and pushed before. Sometimes I feel really nauseous all of the sudden but then it goes away just like that! I have really bad headaches when I go certain places. Sometimes I feel a cold spot in the room. I feel the sense of dread sometimes and a few times I've caught glimpses of faces. This doesn't just happen in one place either it's wherever I go! I'm not even sure if this is the right place to go for this It's just freaking me out. There was recently a death in my family. Ever since then I feel followed and today while I was eating dinner with my family I felt cold hands on my back and I jumped. Even right now I feel like there is someone standing in my doorway looking at me. I'm having a severe headache and I just feel cold and nauseous. Sometimes I have a hard time breathing in certain places. I've been to doctors and councilors but they all told me I am perfectly healthy. People think I'm crazy. Sometimes I randomly feel depressed. I just hope someone can help me deal with all of this. I heard a male voice today while I was sitting at my desk drawing say "LEAVE" and it scared me so badly. I was home alone! It was like they were standing right beside me. I seriously don't know what to do and it's starting to drive me a little crazy.

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Meebee (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-14)
Dear Savana,

If you get my previous post and want to discuss this further just leave another post below mine and I'll get back to you.

Take care. Meebee
Meebee (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-14)
Dear Savana,

I used to have similar experiences to you when I was younger albeit not as strong or as regular. I have synesthesia (a term meaning extra senses) which means you probably do too. When you are being hurt it is not necessarily that someone is trying to hurt you. It could be one of two things. The first is that it is their way of trying to communicate that they are showing you by experience what happened to them. [For me one experience was that I was being strangled and I could see a woman's face but that I was also her] That only happened to me a few times (when it first happened it was fuzzy and I experience parts of being hurt, I was young then and I remember calling a friendly spirit to help and they chased them away. It was only later that I learned they weren't really trying to hurt me but that they had been hurt and they were calling for help) and it was in a dream. But not a normal dream. It was like my body was paralyzed but I was awake but asleep more like I had woken up somewhere else to a place where communication with others was possible. Whether that is with other sleeping spirits (who like you woke up in what I label the tween - shorthand for between place) or with spirits who have passed. The other possibility is that the spirits can be using showing to warn you of something that might happen to you in the real world. If you are finding all this difficult to deal with you can learn to shield yourself from the experience and switch it off and on but I am afraid it can take time. You just have to take a breath when it happens and remember that you will be okay you are strong and powerful enough to deal with it Tell the person hurting you that you understand their pain and want to discuss it with them, if you do. If you don't explain to them you are sorry but you aren't ready. You can do this you will be ok. Remember that some of the experiences can also be wonderful if you open yourself up to it. When there are too many voices try focusing on one. Practice with your ability remember although they might be sending you messages you are in control and are strong and powerful and if need be you can create a shield in your mind. When I was going through this I realized that it was like my mind was working like a radio tuning into certain signals. Just know that you are not alone and in general no one is trying to hurt you its just a different form of communication which you can control.

I have walked before in this way a couple of times with someone when they were dying and leaving their body and accompanied them to the door. It can give them comfort to know they are not alone and it can give you comfort to know that dying isn't the end.

I don't get this anymore as I have a chronic physical illness which destroyed or at least blocked these connects in my brain.

As I have synesthesia I have had other abilities over the years for instance I can physically feel the emotional energy of music, I can physically feel the emotional resonance of people's auras and some animals. I have also felt the emotional resonance of trees. This is emphatic synesthesia a form of mirror touch synesthesia. There are many others. Perhaps you too have this.

Take Care of yourself. I hope you find the best path for you to deal with this but know that you are not crazy and you are not alone.

Best Wishes
With kind Regards

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