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I Didn't Know I Was Named After A Star Constellation!


My name is Kyra Kerr I am 21 and I want to share my story with you all.

So this all started on the 15th Aug 2019, I watched the stars at night as I normally try to do before bedtime however this time I heard a buzzing in my ear. I thought to myself, how can a fly be so active this time of night it's strange? The buzzing followed me all the way to my bedroom I soon started to become freaked out and thought flies were on me. The buzzing eventually stopped and I had a strong urge to meditate. I was going through a very confusing period of thinking about the world, my life and feeling powerless wanting to take my life a few days before what had happened this night.

As I got into my meditation I saw an eye looking back at me it began spiralling I felt like I was going crazy hallucinating but I did not open my eyes I was absolutely mesmerised! When the spiralling stopped the first thing I saw was a pink lotus flower on the right hand side. I then saw 2 benevolent extraterrestrials looking back at me. I felt pure love almost as if they celebrated in silence the gaze itself spoke a thousand words. I looked right back assuming I was dreaming but it felt so real (it was) I had millions of questions running through my brain.

With all this happening to me I had no idea of the third eye, spirit guides or the abilities I have but I was very open-minded to the fact that humanity hold more than we are aware of and I always felt a longing for home looking at the night sky stars. The night my third eye opened was the strongest connection I had to the higher realms everything was so intense and very clear it was almost as if it was a taster of what I need to work towards to have visions as clear as what I first saw.

As I understand that I spiritually awakened changes took place and time went on I constantly adapted my skills everyday and always wanted to know more and more soul secrets. A few weeks ago in meditation the star constellation Lyra came up. Instantly I was alert to the message as it rhymes with my name Kyra. But then things got interesting...

Now, I'm not saying I'm special in any way we are all one and nobody is better than the other. Lyra is also known as Lyrae, I used to be called Kyrae but my mom changed my name to Kyra when I was a toddler, why? She tells me she cannot remember. My mother is not spiritual and fears the unknown so trying to get answers you can understand has been difficult I don't want to expand her fears.

There's a reason my guardian angels brought Lyra to my attention and I'm taking this all in the best I can because I do not believe in coincidences.

I was born with a blood disorder called Sickle Cell Anaemia. This is only found in South Asian/Black communities. I've been researching who came from the star constellation Lyra and I find that a humanoid race called Vegans (the brightest star in the Lyra constellation is known as Vega) evolved into a dark-skinned race with dark hair and angled eyes. These hybrids on earth are known to have manipulated DNA which causes us to have abnormal qualities. I'm also highly allergic to antibiotics my skin has it's own story to tell about that.

My spiritual awakening is the best thing that happened to me, the universe responded to me with abundant love and my angels are always by my side guiding me. Everybody is blessed and I wish nothing but love and light to all of you beautiful souls!

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