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I Don't Know Why Things Follow Me


I'm 26 and since I can remember I've felt followed. Most of the time it's when my life isn't going very great.

My first partner at 18-20 was abusive and things like my clothes often moved right in front of our eyes or the draws in the kitchen would open when I'd be thinking about opening them.

My partner was always very scared but I didn't ever feel in danger so I was quick to just let it go.

This stopped when I left him.

For years I've felt like something or someone is looking out for me because the area I grew up in wasn't very safe and I always seem to just miss out on being mugged or beaten up. I'd have last minute thoughts to change route back to my home late at night.

My second partner from aged 22-23, I would wake up at 1:05 every morning crying only to feel an older man standing at the end of my bed. I never saw him. Only felt.

This would last usually for 5 minutes and then I'd stop crying and I would feel him leave the room.

I later found out my partner was cheating...

After that is where things got very weird for me.

I visited a haunted house for a night stay over and something really freaked me out. I saw a maid in a door way which my friend could not see, when I asked him about it he said I was trying to scare him.

The medium walked through the door, but as if to walk around someone in the doorway and I asked quickly why it was she moved around the door way. She replied "one of the maids is standing there, but don't be afraid".

I spoke with her the morning after and she told me it sounds like I have a gift to feel things that others can't. She asked if I could hear them and I told her only in my head. I never thought it was real until she told me.

Everywhere I go I feel something. It's usually a different feeling in other places

My current partner told me some lies when I first him him and I was told he was lying. I confronted him and told him what I thought the truths were. After many nights of being woken up in terror he started to believe me. Since then he thinks I have something following me because he too can hear the strange noises around the houses we've lived in.

The most recent was last night and as I'm writing this.

Last night I woke up to foot steps

I thought it might be the room next to mine because the walls are thin and you can hear everything. It was around 4am, and I woke up but didn't open my eyes

I tried to go back to sleep when I then heard the foot steps right next to my bed and when I ignored it again I felt pressure on my chest and I open my eyes and felt sudden dread. I woke my partner up because I was screaming.

Right now I've feel something rubbing my knees and my feet.

I've been in my new place for a week. Does this mean that something has followed or has something new attached?

I'm very worried and confused?

Do I have a gift? Or am I just sensitive? Or am I going crazy?

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