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Don't Know What Is Happening


Forgive me if I'm not able to express myself but this is my first time on here and I hope you'll be able to understand. I really need some insight on events that have been happening to me recently and would appreciate any help I get.

I think that this is a matter of research work to be done in this field because what I experience is experienced by many people.

It all started when I was driving car and it was raining out and I felt a certain cold sensation on my hand like water drop fall but, when I checked all the windows were fully closed and there was no leakage at all. From now I will explain point wise what is really happening with me

1.I often get sensation of cold when I see someone using water and after I check there is no drop on my skin.

2.I often get feeling of touch by the things which I am near to but, when I look it is not actually touching means when I expect things to touch I can feel the touch so can the brain be so powerful to actually make me feel touch.

3.I often see shadows in my peripheral vision when I hear some sound of walking of something moving but how my brain can really produce a shadow by just listening to some sound means I see shadows when I am very much expecting it but when I turn to see the person that can cast shadow is far and cannot be in my peripheral vision.

I have thought a lot about this and I often get distracted when I hear some voice because my brain automatically gets alert of seeing shadows. Due to this I think I have activated creation part of my brain which involves in vision because even when my eyes are closed like when I have just gone to bed to sleep and someone cross near to me and I listen sound of walking then I see something black shadow moving even if my eyes are closed.

Do someone also gets these type of experiences.

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johnfly (25 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-04)
Hello [at] Raunak!

It sounds like something could be messing with you, this could be various things such as conscious energy, a lost soul, or even perhaps some demonic activity but I would like to get more information to be sure.

When this happens, do you ever get a bad sensation, feel as though the energy around you condenses/becomes heavier or feel scared?

I would love to help you with understanding what is going on, if you'd like to then you can email me at theflyguyhelps [at]

I hope to hear from you soon.


Johnathon Fly

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