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I am a private caregiver I have been working with an elderly couple for the past 5 years. Over the years I have seen doors slowly close on their own with no explanation usually when I am alone.

I usually ignore and go about my business.

A couple of days before Christmas I was preparing lunch when I felt someone behind me. I thought it was one of my clients when I turned around, I was alone. I poked my head around and I saw the door that leads to the back yard slowly close. I ran and locked the door as I thought we were going to get robbed. The only way out is through the side yard door. I looked through the windows trying to see if anyone was out there. There was no one.

Yesterday while we sat at the dinning room table, the front door shook violently. At first I thought earthquake, I looked up at chandelier and it was perfectly still nothing else in the house was rattling. It seemed like minutes that the door was shaking. As I go to the door ready to rip the solicitor apart, I see that there is no one at the door. I open the door thinking it must have been a package they just tossed carelessly. No package as I go back inside I notice the cat is looking towards the couch wide eyed body arched making the meow sound when they are about to fight her gaze goes from couch to the front door. One of my clients is standing next to me asking me who was that. As he starts out the door. I didn't see anyone. When I asked him who, I don't see anyone. He said he was going to see what's going on. He went outside stood a couple of minutes by walkway.

He comes back in and says well I think will take that nap. I left home 3 hours later.

Later in the evening I get a phone call from the night caregiver stating client was upset as he was supposed to be picked up to go to the theater. That he was really looking forward to going. That he felted rested and ready to go.

I just told her to redirect him and if that didn't help to call his son.

Could he have actually been talking to someone when he went outside? We never discussed him taking a nap, prior to him going outside.

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Chickenlady (1 stories) (5 posts)
4 years ago (2020-01-24)
Did you see someone at the door? If he had a conversation there, you would have heard it. It's possible he stood at the door and became lost in thoughts. Do you ever orientate him and ask him his name, the date, and where he is? He might have been confused on the date, to a date where he had gone to the movies. I'd check moving doors for drafts by a vent that might blow on them and maybe crooked on hinges and need to be shimmed. You could try asking the owners to put in a motion activated video recording camera outside the house, to try to catch potential criminals or pests. I would always advice to try to rule out everything normal before getting scared.

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