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Uncertain Why This Is Happening


As of the past couple of years I have started feeling physically ill when someone I know is ill and nearing death. My symptoms are not the same as they are experiencing, however, I will be completely drained and run down, nauseous, painful and intense headache. These symptoms last until the person has passed. There have been a couple of occasions that I recall where I have physically felt how someone passed while being at the location of them passing. A family member of mine had been brutally murdered. The results had not been released as to her exact cause of death at the time. We attended a vigil at the location of her death. While there I was physically unable to breath. I was gasping for air. The moment I left the location I was fine. We later found out that she had been stabbed multiple times in the lungs and her neck had been cut. The other incident was my best friend's brother. He was found passed in his bedroom at their home. They were awaiting the results of the autopsy. She asked if I could come visit. When entering the home I had severe pain in my arms. I asked her how he passed and she said that at the time they did not know. It was later determined that he had overdosed via drug injection through his arm. It's only when I am at the exact location that I physically feel the death. Other times it is just physical illness until the passing. In 2001 I was in a horrible car accident. I had passed in the accident and was revived. Since that time my experiences have skyrocketed. I drain the charge out of batteries. I cannot wear watches because they become inoperable. I am extremely sensitive to electronic waves. I can sense when there is a spirit near me or in the room. These experiences I have dealt with since the accident. However, this new development of physically feeling is new and I don't think I can refer to it as a gift. Any insight would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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