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Are These Totems Or Hellhounds?


I met my husband and we had an instant attraction, very connected & we married quickly. I would say he's my twin flame. We go through a lot but always overcome, and our connection just can't be broken.

When my husband was a baby, his grandfather's Doberman bit him in the face, and he still has scars from the incident. As a child, he experienced lots of paranormal activity in his sleep. He would dream of dogs, and spirits would try to attack him (sleep paralysis maybe.) But nonetheless, he had nightmares of dogs. My husband was also a Marine. There have been many incidences in combat where he could have died, yet somehow in the middle of an ambush, literally surrounded, not a single bullet hit him or his men. He has deployed 5x.

We went to Vegas a year ago to link up with family. My husband went to take the trash out to the shoot in the hotel, and he came back, winded like he was running. And that was exactly the case. He looked terrified. He said two huge Doberman Pinschers with red eyes stared right at him and came out of nowhere, with no one as an owner. They were not from this dimension. I never saw my husband scared like that.

Anyway, fast forward to present. I have separated from my husband, and the other day I was driving. We were at a stop light, and the car next to me lines up with my car (I get uncomfortable.) So I debate with myself and I decide to look at whose next to me, and it's a huge pitch black Doberman! He's just staring at me, he's with his owner, it's a real physical Doberman. And his owner has his arm around him like it's his buddy. But I was just shocked. Where I live, no one has seen a Doberman. It's not common here.

What does this mean? I read several things but I can't figure it out. I'm very spiritual and my husband is but he isn't loud about it.

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carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-11)
Ye there must be a a spiritual connection with the doberman try to pray it away. I think he need pray any demons or dog of hell chasing him. This doberman thing is affecting you. You pray off a soul tie to your husband. And he tormented by this hound of hell. He need pray it away.

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