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Don't Know How To Label These Experiences


I can see through people, their intentions. Others can't lie me, it's impossible. If people try to trick me I will know it. I feel others and I know what they're going through but I don't care most of the time. Whenever I go to bed, even tho it doesn't happen every night, I see these super complicated mosaiques and 3D environments when I close my eyes. I can release adrenaline whenever I want, I have noticed that my pupils will close a bit when I do this and my heartbeat increases.

A lot of deja vu's happen and some include places I'm visiting for the first time. I don't know if it's adrenaline but it starts from my Root Chakra and I feel it a lot around my feet, I also get a burst of energy. The most amazing experience was when I closed my eyes and did this thing (adrenaline release), a black tunnel with white lines appeared where I was going too fast and then 2 huge eyes came in front of me, I stopped 'cuz it was scary, did this when I was sitting in front of the computer. I feel presences and when I do, something is there, these stuff may seem normal but they're helping me a lot, I also have this guy in my head and I picture him inside this library, he tells me stuff, whenever I do what he says things go the way they should. Had sleep paralysis but I'm not scared, it always feels like the black humans are scared near me. The moment someone speaks I get their energy and sometimes it's funny because I know their lies and secrets.

Sometimes I can see black aura around people which I never knew it was real (the black color as aura). Manipulating people is easy for me, I've starting doing it when I was 10 years old and it was like I had trained for years, I haven't been doing it for the past 6 years because I'm using other stuff to slide through life. Sometimes I feel others energy so much it turns into physical feelings, I feel them so much, it is there but no one can see these things and get these feelings except my brother. We have conversations like: "You felt it?" "Yeah, what the... Was that?", it's normal to us. I know I have these stuff because of my father, he can read other people too, I don't know if he gained these things because where he used to live in the village weird stuff happened, like, beams of light and stuff like that. Not longer than a week ago I felt someone's hate and anger towards me, felt it so much I had physical "pain" but I got over it in no time because I know that if I want I can make other people go crazy by "throwing" my evil intentions in them. I feel like there are other things out there and this made me see humans as fragile beings.

Long ago, I'd be so scared when people bullied me, but now, even if someone tries it I'd laugh and see it as something so "don't know what to say" it hurts my aura. I'm not afraid of demons or evil entities unless I let myself sink in. Once, I felt the devil himself watching me, that's one of the special feelings I get, it's so real I feel it physically, I felt vulnerable that time, it was scary. Oh and, I can heat body parts or a specific surface on my body just by thinking about it. I can talk a lot more about this but I've had so many cases it part of my every day life now, what I wrote may not qualify enough to be part of this section but I had to post this because something tells me to go after it and develop my skills because I came in this reality to achieve something. Can someone please explain and maybe tell me if there is something "special" about these experiences so I can read more about these and maybe "develop" them? Thank you.

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